Pants Pi****g Fear (PG)

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Pants Pi****g Fear (PG)

Postby RACastanet » Sat Jan 23, 1999 1:15 am

Those of you following my foray into the world of handguns probably read my last post. The instructor was 'reality based' and has been shot at and has shot an assailant. He tried to describe the feeling of looking at a gun pointed in your face and could only describe it as 'Pants Pissing Fear'. Van sensei: I have never approached this level of terror. Do some people really 'lose it' so to speak, when confronted with a life and death situation?
Tracy: This also follows your last post. How to train for such an event?

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Pants Pi****g Fear (PG)

Postby david » Sat Jan 23, 1999 4:19 am

I am more with Allen on this point, as I have expressed in the past. Some people have it in them and some don't. Unfortunately, some have to find out in at that critical moment...

I won't name names. I know more than several people who have been shot at and shot back; stabbed at and stab back; clubbed at and club back. Some of these folks aren't "trained". I also know supposedly "trained" people who would, yes, "p---ed in their pants" when the sh-t hits the fan.

Can we train folks for the real thing? Yeah, some, maybe... No offense, folks. This is what I've seen and believe to be true.

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Pants Pi****g Fear (PG)

Postby Van Canna » Sat Jan 23, 1999 6:36 am

A gun stuck in your face ??

It has been said , but people continue to delude themselves , that self defense is one of the most demanding of social skills , with more to it than learning the handgun or martial arts ! " Self defense is an interrelated system of physical and mental activity that measures threatening actions with saving reactions ! It begins with the recognition of the threat , and escalating up through various level of force response options to the most serious level of self defense -deadly force" { Spaulding}

Here you have your force continuum concept that very few people are psychologically whole and capable to implement ! The average person's mindset cannot match the mindset of the criminal that lacks care , guilt or respect for life ! Regardless of any training , martial or otherwise , the average person will find himself mentally unprepared when face to face with a weapon wielding punk ; will have non existent tactics to deal with the situation ; and in such desperate circumstances will find his self defense skills rapidly deteriorate regardless of level of training ! This is something that professional trainers of elite law enforcement teams have known forever !

When confronted with imminent death , experts write that your bodily alarm reactions will be extreme : Muscle tightening , hyperventilation [ cannot breathe] , loss of digital dexterity , tunnel vision , auditory exclusion, unreliable mental track , impairment of decision making ability, distorted sense of time/space !

You will not see or hear well , your hands will not function normally , you will not remember what happened clearly , assuming you survive ; you will suffer the startle reflex , you will go into denial and freeze ! Think of facing into the gaping hole of a colt .45 right now while undergoing loud verbal assault by a mean looking punk ! You are no longer in control ; your primal brain is , which knows what you are really capable of and discounts all your bull s** training !

The best way that this has been put is that during an armed confrontation or serious threat of bodily harm you are likely to "regress to first grade" and that your training must reflect this fact ! But listen right now to all the arguments of the self deluded 'elite' martial arts practitioners who up until now have probably been victorious in only a face slapping contest with their brother in law or an Internet 'fight' !

So how to train for such events ? Can we really train for it ? Well one way is for our training to match this regressive stage with simple , body natural , extremely powerful techniques carrying stopping power to the target ! The other is to develop the mindset of extreme prejudice and acceptance of your own death I order to propel yourself into action ! Easier said than done ! It might require Hypnotic sessions , and even so , some people will never make it , no matter how strong and skilled they think they are ; how many systems they know ; how many tournaments have won etc.

There are sheep and sheep dogs ! The terrifying part is that you might never really know which group you belong to until the real thing happens ! David is absolutely correct with his observations !

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