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Postby Van Canna » Thu Feb 04, 1999 1:27 am

In view of what continues to be posted on rec-ma about Tony-san , I thought it appropriate to interject my impressions of my recent exposure of a week's duration to Tony's character in conjunction with his shodan test ! We had some real long talks !

At the outset , in his test , he came across as an individual of exceptional ability and energy !

Yes , there is a checkered past of dark undertones , he freely admits that , but he talks about becoming a totally new person once feeling accepted as a worthy human being in the womb of Basset sensei's dojo , one of the finest I had the pleasure to visit !

I found him honest in his ways , extremely intelligent and combining tact with complete candor ! Though he appears to be considerate of the feelings of others , one who asks for his frank opinion receives exactly that !

Because he possesses both the courage of his convictions and a broad minded attitude towards those whose opinion differ from his , he has earned my respect !

Spending time with him I quickly realized that underneath a somewhat raw exterior , lies a fine, friendly personality of high moral standards and sound sense of values ! A gentleman in every sense of the word once you really get to know him !

He is a delightful conversationalist , extremely helpful with an abundance of altruistic enthusiasm. He has a gracious , friendly manner that makes one feel completely at ease in his presence ! Besides, he makes the best coffee and cappuccino this side of the Mediterranean !

He lives in a beautiful, large, well kept home with a fine family and a cute dog [Toby] !

His outstanding physical performance at the test , combined with an evolving maturity of personality , will prove worthy of the confidence the test board placed in elevating him to Shodan rank !

Godspeed my friend , and the very best for you and family for all the years to come !

Van Canna
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Postby Robert Christianson » Thu Feb 04, 1999 2:45 am

And the net says "how do you like me now"?

It such an interesting communication form we have, here we are exposing feeling and personalities across the globe, rather than just in our closed communities of 5 years ago.

The personality (or the image of his personality) has been exploded across the web, all for the sake of ego, self-expression.

And this is my 2 bits.

What a media
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