Handgun Training and Selection

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Handgun Training and Selection

Postby Van Canna » Sun Feb 07, 1999 1:29 am


Rubber grips are somewhat easier on the hands recoil-wise ! I hear wooden grips are more elegant and offer less snag /resistance to drawing from inside pants pockets !

As to the glock , you can safely take a brush to mechanism in the handle [tooth brush] !

< Do you put any light
oil on the pin mechanism that is in the slide?> Yes , no problem !

When you clean the gun , remember to always remove the magazine first , then rack the slide to the rear to clear the chamber of any live rounds -before pulling the trigger [ always in a safe direction and with a backstop] for subsequent takedown ! Most of the accidental discharges with the Glock occur when people forget to clear the chamber of the live round which might be there before pulling the trigger !

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