Jury finds gun firms negligent!

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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby gmattson » Fri Feb 12, 1999 2:54 pm

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"In what could be a landmark verdict, a Brooklyn jury yesterday found several handgun manufacturers negligent in the gunshot wounds of seven victims, just as courts elsewhere have held tobacco companies liable for deaths and illnesses caused by cigarette smoking."

Interesting developments that will probably impact all gun manufacturers and individuals wanting to legitimately purchase a gun. Naturally, such restrictions will not affect the flow of illegal guns to criminals.
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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby Cecil » Fri Feb 12, 1999 9:07 pm

And the good suffer while the bad continue to do evil.

If anyone has read that essay by Massad Ayoob that Van Canna referred to a while, back, I think they know how this decision will affect the average person who wants to protect himself or his loved ones.

It seems that some legal decisions are made on emotion instead of evidence (I know that some of you are thinking about O.J. right about now, aren't you???)


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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby moulton » Fri Feb 12, 1999 10:29 pm

And they are going to fight it too. Hope they can make lemonaide out of lemon.

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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby RACastanet » Sat Feb 13, 1999 12:40 am

We had better stock up while guns are still affordable and available.

This could ultimately lead to D.C. type laws in every state. In D.C., the only handguns legally allowed in the district must have been permitted before 1974!

Or how about a 500% city tax and state tax and federal tax and uninsured shooter tax and..........I bet that if the feds felt they could get a $1,000 tax per gun purchase they'd get greedy and allow everyone to have one. Kind of like legalizing and institutionalizing gambling.

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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby moulton » Sat Feb 13, 1999 11:48 am

The biggest problem with the new law is that it set a president. Chicago and Bridgeport have found a crack in the dam. Damn!

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Jury finds gun firms negligent!

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Feb 14, 1999 10:08 pm

For what it is worth the case is not a law but law or, as Allen said, "Precedent" that other Judges may be guided by but not bound by, especially if the matter is determined in anothe jurusdiction.

If you are really concerned, join a Political
Action Group: the NRA or Goal in Massachusetts.

I have been trying to get me college buddy who is spokeman for the NRA from time to time and deeply involved in the "pro gun rights" fight to sign onto this forum.

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