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< I am trying to get across the idea that anyone who interviews you before the attack [and most will] does so because he is unsure of victory . He is not as totally confident as he tries to appear . He fears potential defeat > __Quinn

A true story : A convenience store clerk [a little guy] , behind the counter ! Enter a 'biker' type six ft. three inches tall , 235 lb. , asks : what would you do if you were robbed __then pulls a .25 cal pistol , points it at the clerk and says __if someone pointed a gun at you like this , you wouldn't be afraid ?

The clerk > his heart in his throat , ears buzzing : " That little thing won't scare me , I'll jump over this counter , rip it out of your hands , stick it up your butt and empty the clip , and then I'll slap you around with the empty gun " A defiant stare , half scared to death waiting for the shots to be fired !

10 long seconds later __the biker : Well I was just wondering __puts the gun back in his pocket and leaves the store !

Old Italian proverb: < Il cane che abbaia non morde< [ Barking dog doesn't bite] !

Mattson sensei talks about the pit bull !

Rabesa -san is Uechi-ryu's pit bull ! You offend him ,make threats directly to him or to one of his senior friends , start praying ! He says nothing , no upset , no anger , just hits you with the hammer of thor while you are still talking !

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