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gun locks

Postby gmattson » Mon Mar 01, 1999 2:10 pm


A while back you mentioned a new law requiring all guns be equipped with trigger locks. Apparently I'm not the only person ignorant of this law, since more than one of my students who own guns do not use any locks.

Is this for the protection of children in a house? Or are these locks designed to make the gun inoperable if stolen? If you carry a gun, must the lock be in place?

Just a couple of thoughts on the subject.

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gun locks

Postby RACastanet » Mon Mar 01, 1999 2:29 pm

GEM: The Glock that I recently purchased came with a cable lock to pass through the slide mechanism when not in use. The S&W Centennial that I hope to purchase soon will come with a trigger lock.

It is my understanding that the inclusion of a lock is not yet a law. The manufacturers are being careful to stay politically correct.

A couple of notes. For the trigger lock, the instructions state that it must not be used on a loaded weapon as installing it could possibly fire the weapon. The cable lock is pretty failsafe but I believe you could damage your pistol if you accidentally closed the slide on it.

If the handgun in question is for self defense, the idea of a key and a lock really defeat the purpose of having it. I saw a stat somewhere that a homeowner has something like 30 to 40 seconds warning during a breakin before being confronted by the bad guy. Under the stress of the chemical coctail, there would not be enough time to find the key, unlock the gun, load, aim and fire.

I keep my pistol in a lockbox with a simple push button combiation lock - simple to use. The gun is not loaded but in the box are two clips (.45 hydra shok) ready to be inserted. When I get the revolver, it will be loaded in the box!

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gun locks

Postby T Rose » Mon Mar 01, 1999 2:59 pm

There are two issues, criminal and civil law. Gun owners have always been liable for their weapons and there are numerous cases of guns being stolen (for example) by neighborhood kids. The kid gets injured by the weapon and the gun owner is sued for negligence.
The new guns laws specifically state the the gun must be locked when not under direct control. The law states a metal locking container or gun lock.

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gun locks

Postby Van Canna » Wed Mar 03, 1999 4:51 am

The Intent of the law is basically to "childproof" the gun ! As Tracy-sensei explains now we have to worry about the criminal aspect as well i.e., a child gets hold of an unlocked and gun and kills himself or another , you are going to prison as the gun owner !

If the unlocked gun gets stolen by burglars and it injuries someone , the law is not yet clear on the criminal liability of the owner ! [ when you report your gun stolen to the police " of course it had a lock" ] !

If the gun is under your control , i.e., carried on the person or at home with you , it needs not be locked ! If you leave guns at home unattended , they must be locked !

Many locks on the market ! Good ones share a key in common ! About $ 10 !

Locked or unlocked , if someone uses your gun to injure themselves or others , you will face civil suit !!

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