Other Concealable Weapons

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Other Concealable Weapons

Postby moulton » Wed Mar 03, 1999 7:44 am


In my next flight from Logan I'm going to wear slippers instead of shoes; the orange and white ones ones with the tiger heads. That should scare the bad guys off without repurcussions. Fact, I'm going down into bear country. They should offer adequate protection in the woods too.<font color=orange>

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Other Concealable Weapons

Postby Cecil » Wed Mar 03, 1999 8:47 pm

I got a scarf in my pocket that I carry. Uh oh, is that a weapon? I'm sure you can use it to choke somebody.

The laws appear to only constrict the lawful. They didn't stop that young guy from kicking the drunk in the head, now did they?


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Other Concealable Weapons

Postby Gene DeMambro » Thu Mar 04, 1999 3:11 am

An easy way to get around the assault with a shod foot charge is to argue that you would have done damage to his face/knee/groin/back or whatever, whether you were wearing steel-toed work boots or not. The shoes may have even got in your way. Now, the larger question is whether it was necessary to kick him in his face/knee/groin/back or whatever to defend yourself. If yes, then your actions are above reproach. If not, then you may have ended up in deep yogurt.

Mass. bans certain types of MA weapons, and mentions them specifically by name. Nunchakus, three-sectional staffs (sp), and a whole bunch of others that I have long since forgotten. Some police officer types say that there is an exception if you are going to or from a MA school. Well, I used to do some work for a lawyer and looked up the particular law, and saw no such exemption. If it's not documented it's a rumor. So, no offending weapons in my car for me. However, single-edged blades of any lenth are not banned. Hence good sales of Syderco knives. I own 4, acatually. My jo training can come in handy, especially with the crowbar/basaeball bat/closet pole or odd piece of steel pipe that happens to be in the back seat of the truck.
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Other Concealable Weapons

Postby Moe Mensale » Thu Mar 04, 1999 5:51 am


Ahhh....orange & white slippers?....with tiger heads?....hmmmm....hey, you don't shop at the same store where JD and MikeD buy their "training outfits", do you?

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Other Concealable Weapons

Postby moulton » Mon Mar 08, 1999 2:07 pm

Hello Moe.

Just arrived back from almost a week in Pittsburgh. Flying both directions through snowsqualls I wish I had some <font color=orange>Flying Tigers</font> to keep my feet warm. I counted almost 100 Karate/Kung Fu schools both there (each tiger got fifty), and in the surrounding communities. But, alas, no Uechi-ryu or derivatives. Looks like a prime area for the young and adventerous to start Uechi-ryu.

Hi Gene,

Many martial arts weapons are illegal in many states and cities, but if you are stopped and the weapon is discovered, it is up to the police officer who stopped you to decide what to do with you. If you have chucks (or similar)just laying in your trunk or on the floor/seat of the passenger side of your vehicle you may face further questioning but if you have them in or near a karate bag and mention you are going to class or a tournament it may be entirely different.

Woah! Transporting chucks/sais/butterfly knives, etc to and fro a tournament? If these things are illegal, surely there must be a caravan of cruisers with police in them just waiting to stop and arrest you just outside the gates.

Problem is, anything: crowbars, shoes, or even pencils used in a fight can be considered a dangerous weapon ESPECIALLY when in the hands (or feet) of someone knowledgeable in the martial arts. What does it take to become knowledgeable? Maybe as little as one lesson.

Anything at all can be used against you when it comes court time whether it is already decalred illegal or not.

Carry a tire iron or baseball bat and use it against someone? Doesn't matter if you started it or are using it in your own degense. Good luck. Remember a while back when a person shot a few would-be theves on a New York subway and paid dearly for it in court fees, etc. along with almost going to jail? Some time after that, another person discharged a firearm while being attacked/robbed on the same subway system. He did the smart thing by keeping his mouth shut after he ran; they never found out who he was. Too bad that's what you have to do in our twisted society.

Knives. You are implying that carrying ANY single-edged blade is legal? Sorry, this is simply just not true; you may own a 7" Bowie knife, Balisong, or lockblade of any sort, but if you intend to carry better check out the local laws first.<font color=red>
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