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In Good Hands

Postby Evan Pantazi » Fri Mar 19, 1999 8:21 pm

I had the priviledge and Honor today of working out with Kyoshi Canna, Maloney Sensei and Bethony Sensei in his fantastic Brockton Dojo. The Shear Power exhibited was exciting and awe inspiring. The Common sense approach these Men have with relationship to Uechi and self protection is right to the point, no fancy whimpy techniques here just honest to goodness Bushido. If you are worried about the distance from Okinawa I believe it to be totally unfounded, as your Seniors have laid a path for you with truth and honest hard work. You have the best of both worlds revel in it and worry not.

To all three Sensei's my humble gratitude for giving me a memory (and a sore leg, special thanks Canna Sensei) that will last a lifetime.

Evan Pantazi
Evan Pantazi
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