Boston Gun Show

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Boston Gun Show

Postby Allen M. » Sun Mar 21, 1999 2:23 pm

On my way home from work this morning I noticed several signs, just south of Boston, pointing to Exit 17 off Rte 3.

If you are in the area, enjoy because the days of the gun shows are numbered.
Allen M.

Boston Gun Show

Postby gmattson » Sun Mar 21, 1999 4:16 pm

Where is this show Al? Since I seldom go to Boston, missed the Boards. Didn't see it in the paper either.

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Boston Gun Show

Postby Allen M. » Sun Mar 21, 1999 8:22 pm


Since I have no interest in guns or shows I did nor investigate further.

I was on 128 south and north, south of the split.

Kind of late in the day to get back at you, but I've had my internet shut down until I finish some work.

Allen - -
Allen M.

Boston Gun Show

Postby RACastanet » Sun Mar 21, 1999 9:32 pm

Glock is having a pistol tournament for Glock owners in the Boston area the week of summer camp. It would be interesting to add that to the visit to Buzzard's Bay. I'm not comfortable transporting a pistol to Massachussetts however. Perhaps I could just stop and watch. It is held at the Harvard Sporstmens Club. Any idea where that is?
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