Sparring Seminars!

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Sparring Seminars!

Postby gjkhoury » Wed Mar 24, 1999 5:02 am

Dear Van-sensei and others:

Forgive me for invading your Forum, but I'm really excited and want to share this information with you right away!

I know some of you have your doubts about sparring, specifically, tournament sparring and it's self-defense applications.

But I also know that some of you have never seen me fight! I've got news that I hope you'll find as exciting as I do: After reading this post, you'll have the opportunity to find out how I've developed what Van sensei has deemed "Terminal Intent" in my tournament matches!

After speaking with George-sensei and others, I have decided to offer several "Sparring Seminars" around New England to help you all get ready for our upcoming competition in May!

The first seminar will be held NEXT SATURDAY, April 3rd at my dojo in Tewksbury, MA at 4 p.m. The cost of the seminar is only $15 and you will be able to learn and train with me, Lee Puzniak (Eastern Japan Karate Champion) and Robert Spoon (All-Okinawan Best 8, 1994)!

Other seminars are scheduled for April 17th on the South Shore, May 8th in Boston, and May 21st at the hotel just prior to the big competition.

Seminars will focus on this year's sparring format, with specific training tips and discussions surrounding the new WKF rules. Of course we will be working PLENTY of drills and skills, and we'll even hold a few "practice matches" to simulate tournament competition.

We'll end by watching videos of Japanese point fighting competitions as well as a "sneak preview" of my last competition on Okinawa! AWESOME!

Please do not miss these events! They are limited to the first 25-30 people, and are being scheduled on a "1st come 1st served" basis!

Call me today for details and directions!

Get a jump on this (and every) year's competition by sharing the secrets that have helped me win over 15 major tournament titles! Sign up today for one of our upcoming sparring seminars!


Keep training! Call (978-858-0123) TODAY! Or email me at!
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Sparring Seminars!

Postby Cecil » Wed Mar 24, 1999 2:49 pm

I wouldn't say that I am personally anti-sparring. I think that being able to spar means SOMETHING, but I don't think that JUST BECAUSE you can spar it AUTOMATICALLY means that you are going to be as effective in a real fight as in you are the ring because the ring has rules. Plus, some people are going to choke or hesitate if the ONLY experience they have ever had is in the dojang.

Of course, some of the martial artists out there treat sparring like it IS a real fight. I've seen and received enough injuries to prove it!

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Sparring Seminars!

Postby Allen M. » Wed Mar 24, 1999 11:49 pm

Gary, is your seminar open to all ranks?
Allen M.

Sparring Seminars!

Postby gjkhoury » Thu Mar 25, 1999 12:28 am

Yes, Allen.

All ranks, women and men are welcome. Please attend!

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