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Buzz Durkin's Dojo

Postby Van Canna » Mon Mar 29, 1999 2:19 pm

Last week I was privileged to be a guest at Buzz Durkin's Dojo in Atkinson New Hampshire along with Maloney sensei who ran a wonderful seminar ! To my amazement ninety black belts showed up for the seminar , unbelievable ! Then again Buzz is famous for doing things in grand style ! The group of dan ranks was an impressive , well behaved bunch showing amazing power and grace ! It was good to hug old friends such as Nancy Gavenda , Judy Durkin, Dan Dovidio , Dave Kelly { unbelievable power } and Mike Rozumek , one of the strongest of Uechi Ryu fighters and gentleman practitioner ! His dojo in Pepperell is the largest in the country with 460 students !

Also very impressive were a group of young teens , junior dan ranks , all honor students at the local high school , who displayed great skills and fighting ability !

We were treated with respect , friendship and conviviality !

Many thanks to Buzz and his lovely wife Judy !
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Van Canna
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Buzz Durkin's Dojo

Postby Moe Mensale » Wed Mar 31, 1999 6:09 pm

Durkin sensei is a quality person as are all his students and instructors and I am proud to have him as my instructor, even way down here in the Land of Sunshine! I look forward to every trip up north with great expectations!

Moe Mensale
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