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Peer review

Postby Van Canna » Sat Apr 03, 1999 7:18 pm

Peer group pre-test

The place : Beautiful , rustic , quaint Northboro Ma .

The dojo : Located in a charming area of west Main Street ; very modern , clean and traditional !

The group : Tracy Rose sensei and a bevy of his best including the formidable women ! Respectful , friendly , well behaved , very , very serious and determined in their efforts !

The invitation : My privilege to attend a very unique event evolving into a quasi-seminar !

The goal : << Friday night, April 2, we will hold a private 'pre-test' of ikkyu level
students. I have requested that all ikkyus participate whether they are
candidates for the spring test or not. From their point of view, the
pre-test is to give them direct feedback both positive and areas that
need improvement. I am using this pre-test to 'adjust' attitudes. Some
of these ikkyus are excellent, some are at least a year away from
testing. For the excellent ones, I wish to provide test experience and
reinforcement of excellent training attitudes. For the others, I wish
to reset them to reality. << { Tracy }

My comments : The level of power and conditioning at Rose sensei's dojo is awesome ! He has a way to awaken 'dormant instincts' in his students ; Tracy is well schooled in lethal force combat and the effect of the chemical cocktail !

Under a 'test board' pressure cooker by the presiding dan ranks , the performance was superb ! Particularly impressive were Tom Chamberlain [16] and Andy Cahill [18] …..for their graceful power and fighting dominance ; Julietta Kleges for her ' cat like' sparring skills; Audrey Helenic [ Mom] for her 'bolt of lighting' front kick and " blond bomber" Stephanie Syre's tree chopping hook kicks !

Then Becky Bourke [ 16] and Desi Pajari [ 16] with a display of courage and determination under fire rarely seen at that young age !

And finally my observations of Derek Di Menno , A strong fighter and clean , crisp performer , with the gift of making our Uechi Blocks work so effortlessly under a very stressful sparring match !

<< The other goal of the test is to uphold the personal value of the black
belt. Group testing is extremely important. . This is
good for the group. The value of the black belt to it's wearer comes
from the acceptance of his/her peer group, a rite of passage if you
will. The goal of pre-test is to show all possible candidates that the
real test comes from their peers. You can be awarded a black belt but
you have to be the one who wears it. >> [ Rose]

Think about it !

Thank you for a most pleasant evening and the great steak at the loft !

Congratulations to Andy and Seth Youmans for their promotions to Sankyu !

Van Canna
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