Thanks to the Master

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Thanks to the Master

Postby gjkhoury » Sun Apr 04, 1999 3:16 am


My most heartfelt thanks once again for your participation in our REAL sparring seminar today at my dojo.

The honor of your presence underlined the importance of sparring as part of our true Uechi heritage. Afterall, you were one of our fighting first!!

Perhaps more importantly, your continued interest and high level of activism speaks volumes to your lifetime commitment to the proliferation of traditional karate and your love of Uechi-ryu!!

In the weeks to come, I will be "challenging" you and the readers of your forum to come out from behind their computer screens and identify for me why they have turned their backs on our fighting roots!

Are Uechi-ka of today dilusional? Or are they so pompous to believe that they are above the real-life threat/stress of live fighting?

I intend to find out. I expect, as always, for you to be heavily involved!

My deepest respects and most sincere appreciation. With gratitude, I remain

Gary J. Khoury
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