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American Master

Postby T Rose » Tue Apr 06, 1999 9:10 pm

Last Friday night our dojo staged our first peer review. We were extremely fortunate to have a true American Master in attendance. That person was our own Sensei Van Canna. If you have not been in a class/seminar with Mr. Canna then you really haven't had the 'full Uechi'!! Sensei Canna's love of Uechi is evident. To have a practitioner of Mr. Canna's ability offer and to perform kata for our dojo is an honor and an inspiration. He is truly a man of the floor. In this day of imaginary masters with imaginary technique and overinflated egos to match their ranks, watching Sensie Canna demonstrate explosive application of technique from the kata was a real breath of fresh air (he chose one of the largest people in the dojo).
Sensei Canna's closing remarks were from the heart, insightful, motivational and extremely articulate, our students left the dojo pumped. If you haven't noticed, Mr. Canna never has a mean spririted word to say about anyone. There is no room for politics on the his floor.
Our peer review was extremely successful. That success in due to Van Canna, our dojo is in his debt.
With the level of expertise, the love of our art, and the physical ability to perform, our American Masters are truly Uechi treasures. They do not take a back seat to anyone from any country or any style. I urge all of you to do whatever it takes to spend time with these practitioners. Get up and go to the Brockton workout. Get to Dave Hunt's camp. Come to Mr. Mattson's summer camp. Call Mr. Canna and invite him to your school. Seek these people out. You owe it to your students.

Thank you Sensei Canna for sharing the floor with our dojo, we are in your debt.
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