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Postby Van Canna » Mon Apr 12, 1999 12:27 am

The TI .38 centennial is today's equivalent of the riverboat gambler's derringer !

A belly gun , if you will , to be fired when you see "the whites of their eyes" !

Here are some tactics :

1] This gun Is the last ditch weapon with limited ammo capacity ! So try to avoid escalating any confrontation ! You carry a gun ? Then get used to eating s***

2] Position yourself for emotional / physical exit ; it's okay to be labeled a coward because you know better !

3] Carry a gun ? Then get used to the idea of carrying oc pepper spray as well ; less than lethal weapon ! This challenge will come to you in court !

4] Visualize ahead of time when you will access that gun and under what circumstances and who is around you who is likely to pay a heavy price if you trigger a carnage by pulling the gun like a macho idiot !

5] Never show the gun losing the surprise element ! However there are some exceptions ; but you won't learn of them unless you stop being a cheap skate and spend money training with a combat master like John Farnam or Clint Smith of thunder ranch ! But you won't ! Keep repeating to yourself " Not necessary" !

6] The Ti centennial can be concealed so many different easily accessible ways ! Be inventive !

7] Take a real world class defensive combat course and 'know when to shoot' course or leave the damn thing at home ! The LFI schedule by Mas Ayoob is run all over the United States and you will receive the best in instruction and certification that will save your butt physically and legally ! Personal defense hotline 900-336-SAFE

8] Carry the proper 'stopping' power loads and seek legal counsel on loads to carry as well [LFI]

9] Learn proven weapon retention tactics more so than disarms {LFI]

10] Join a club and enter their various combat matches to stay tuned !

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Postby RACastanet » Thu Apr 15, 1999 12:22 am

Ohhhhh, just call me the 'gambler'.

Van sensei: Nice thread. I'm still learning about the Ti and its very personal characteristics.

I spoke to the actual Ti design engineer at S&W today about the low shot pattern trait of this gun. He stated that the gun is so light recoil is considered in sighting the gun. Fast, light +p loads get out of the barrel before the barrel rises due to recoil. Hense, they hit low. Larger, slower rounds are not clear of the barrel as it rises from recoil and thus hit higher on the target. His advice - Pick the round I like, get a file, go to the range, and carefully lower the sight.. The Ti will then be my personaI handgun. If I mess up the sight, he said to send it back and he'd take care of it, but it would have his personality.

The Ti is his 'baby' and he carries his on a lanyard around his neck He uses Federal 129gr Hydroshock +p ammo and the Ti performs very well with it. I've got a box of those so Friday it is off to the range.

I'm meeting about every two weeks with a handgun instructor. He has the proper mindset. In a year or two I hope to take a sabatical from the working world and get to LFI and other courses. My wife has no problem with this. In addition, she is from the Hartford area and would love it if I dropped her off there and then went to one or more of Ayoob's courses at his home training center in Connecticut.

So, my course is set.

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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Apr 18, 1999 1:13 am

Sensei Van and Rich:

Personally I hope you know my position on firearms training is clear from the small article GEM Sensei posted for me some time ago.

My friend who is a spokesman of and on for the NRA actually asked permission to use some of the thoughts in his talks.

"Integrated Self Defense" use what you have, when you have and don't close the door on options.

Unfortunately, as long as a view firearms as evil, and not a necessary one, let alone a way to improve oneself, we have a tough road to walk.

You and I know that learning to shoot or consistently following any discipline in the martial arts, empty handed or otherwise, is a "way" to improve oneself in a different sense than one just sharpening one's evil personal skills.

However, In the war of public relations, we've lost.

But we can't quit.

I am going to call LFI on MOnday to try to arrange to sharpen those particular evil skills Our proper PC spin: "to improve oneself through engaging in the art of handgun handling and safety under a qualified instructor" .

Sensei Van, Sensei Jack asked for me to say hello.


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