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Postby Van Canna » Wed Apr 21, 1999 3:31 am

On the dojo floor :

1] use short crisp sentences !

2] create the need to learn certain defensive skills !

3] Be sure the student can visualize the skill's real life application !

4] Model the skill so the student sees clear pictures in his mind and kicks in his neural motor program !

5] demonstrate the skill in stages of speed power and follow through !

6] split the technique /skill being demonstrated in components of , beginning , middle and the end !

7] use questions and place ideas in contrast with each other !

8] tell a story that fits the concept being taught !

9] use correction feedback focusing on one mistake at a time !

10] the student must see and experience the technique work !

11] motivate the student to psyche up during kata performance !

12] Open your mouth and speak loud enough for all to hear !

13] Go in thinking you are master of the situation !

14] do not point your forefinger at your students !

15] don't twiddle your fingers !

16] don't pace up and down like a caged lion !

17] don't speak for more than a minute at a time in between practice ! Don't let your students cool down !

18] reserve holding court until after the workout !

19] don't brow beat your students !

20] command presence !

{ items , 4,5,6,9,10 ___as suggested by Bruce Siddle }

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