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Postby Van Canna » Fri Apr 23, 1999 12:46 am

Talking distance

A good concept to peruse as per Geoff Thompson of ‘ bouncer’s ‘ fame !

Martial arts teach two or three fighting distances !
A good street fighter will perfect four : kicking , grappling , punching and talking distance !

Geoff writes that talking distance is the art of talking your way into a good attacking /defending position without notice by the opponent ….i.e., a prime striking position without more preparation or adjustment !

Think for a moment how the interview , is subliminally designed to set you up for a sucker punch [SP] and how many get lulled to sleep even before the shot comes ! I bet lots of you who have been at the receiving end of an SP sensed it was coming but were under hypnosis when it was slung !

In one of his fights , Geoff , while talking , positioned himself in a 45 degree angled stance for stability and maximum body weight transfer into the shot , which is the only way to cut down your target ! He also launches the attack either at the same time he is asking a question of the interviewer , when his brain is engaged , or at precise instant he answers , as the jaw breaks easiest when the mouth is open ! He also recommends pretending you did not hear the question the punk has asked , lean forward “ sorry what did you say” ? and WHAM !! Or “ Look I don’t want any trouble “ raising your hands as in peace , but cocking to trigger a well positioned preemptive shot from a whipping platform !

Another ploy he recommends is to turn away as to in “walking” away and then rapidly do an about face slinging the hammer of Thor ! That is what Art Rabesa and I used to work on , using the straight back kick routine , and that’s the ploy he used when he dropped one of the four punks who invaded his parked car and then came out at him ! The hapless scum bag advanced head long into a back pedaling ‘ hammer’ which lifted him off the ground and fractured his sternum !

Another anecdote Geoff relates and which brings sweet memories , for me personally , is the one about Tony “ The head” [ reminds me of our Tony Licalzi who had a similar < head > experience and who can be just as dangerous ] …..

A bully was picking a fight with A friend of Tony , who in a nice way , put his hands on the bully’s shoulders as in “ come on , calm down don’t you see the guy is scared “ ? Then from the perfect cocked position “ BANG” a head butt that “ might have been fathered by a rhinoceros “ < The bully’s legs gave way to gravity as his nose said goodbye >

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