Selecting a handgun for my wife

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Selecting a handgun for my wife

Postby RACastanet » Sat Apr 24, 1999 12:55 am

Van sensei: More advice and guidance please.

My wife is going to work with me to become a safe gun handler and a better shot, but she is not interested in dealing with a large caliber pistol such as the Glock 21 or my hard recoiling Ti. However, the .22 revolver we have suits her just fine.

Now, over the past few months of research and training, I have found the common belief that anything less than .38 is a waste of time. However, in Mas Ayoob's book, he dedicates a chapter to women and handguns, and makes an exception to the above and states that a .22 hollowpoint, if aimed properly, is not a bad weapon!

What do you think? The book is a bit dated, and a feminist would probably call the specific chapter in mind sexist, but some women are not meant to carry a large bore weapon. My wife enjoys 'plinking' and is a good shot. She just does not enjoy the 'pleasure' of a heavy recoil as I do.

My .22 is the Ruger Single Six Stainless. Nice and accurate, but not a good carry gun or self defense gun as I have learned. There are many .22 handguns available but we wish to stay with a revolver. S&W has Airweght varieties, as does Taurus. Suggestions?

Regards, Rich
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Selecting a handgun for my wife

Postby Van Canna » Sat Apr 24, 1999 1:51 am

Anything less than a .38 special is dangerous to carry since it cannot be counted on to ‘stop’ a determined adrenalized assailant ; it might just make him mad ! You will hear lots of opinions on this , but do your wife a favor and convince her not to carry a ‘mouse gun ‘ !

If and when she fires a gun in self defense , she will not even notice the recoil , she will not be looking at sights for an aimed shot , she will be shoving that gun into the body of the punk and pull the trigger at the end of a trembling arm !

Take her to the gun shop and have her look at the “ LADY_SMITH” revolver in .38 special ! A bit heavier and lees punishing than The TI ….designed for a lady’s hands …..stay with a revolver __ the only way to go for a woman , simple …works every time ! Another good alternative is a standard weight centennial ! Stay away from the semi-autos !

She can practice shooting mild wad-cutter loads on the range along with full power ‘stopping’ loads !

She wants a ‘hammer of Thor ‘ in her hands if and when the time comes ! Trust me !

Van Canna
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Selecting a handgun for my wife

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Sun Apr 25, 1999 1:05 am

Well, nobody actually "likes" to get shot with a 22, because the projectile sometimes lodge in places dificult for a surgeeon to "grasp" if you will.

The Lady Smith seems like a good choice. I like 4" barrel, despite the extra weight if available.

John T

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Selecting a handgun for my wife

Postby T Rose » Mon Apr 26, 1999 4:19 pm

the .32 Silvertip enjoys a bit of a anomoly reputation. Bereatta makes an excellent .32 called the Tomcat. It features the tip up barrel for administration purposes...

Light weigth, reasonably powerful, easy manual of arms. check it out
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