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Postby Van Canna » Fri Apr 30, 1999 2:57 am

I think it's because the
actual cases of style-distinctive unarmed combat techniques being
employed on the modern battlefield are virtually nonexistent: there
is virtually no way to tell what works and what does not. Most of
the martial arts world is based on conjecture: traditional systems
generally evolved for specific threats, cultures, and technologies
and have rarely been exposed to the "global marketplace."

Peterson and his friends are successful
because they have cleverly accessed the kind of latent, collective
"heroic warrior" mythology and vigilante escapism that all of us are
occasionally guilty of indulging.

the Dark
Ages, that terrible period that existed before the UFC, before
reality-based (but not quite reality!) fighting tournaments, before
any other multi-discipline combative laboratories existed that could
be used to gain insight into some of the general truths about
real-world unarmed combat.

A witchcraft mentality once pervaded
the martial arts, wherein a murky background of ancient warrior
champions, Jedi Knights, shadow assassins, secret techniques, and
mystical death matches were used to give authority and credence
to systems that had never known the hard edge of war. But this is
another story...<< { The poster is "Belesarius".}

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