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 Post subject: DELUSIVE STATES
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 1999 3:48 am 
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In view of current affairs , it is well to remain conscious of inescapable truths ! Last year I wrote about the "survival triangle "concept that lethal force experts use in programming students of deadly force !

Survival triangle = skill; tactics; mental /physical conditioning ….

Most Uechi-kas , including the ones with Okinawan disease , rarely encompass all three , but always exhibit a halo of overconfidence as they sell themselves on the image they are faster and better than anyone else ! And even , assuming that some of them are , they still have problems perceiving danger; >> and make bad blunders and tactical decisions that exposes them to greater jeopardy !

So they have developed only one or two sides of the triangle and live in denial and in the false sense of security that they are ready to handle potentially lethal encounters !

Remember that no matter how skilled you think you may be , you can still die very suddenly at the Hands of an unskilled but determined attacker ! Underestimating the threat presented by the criminal element in our sick society of today's world or cultivating unrealistic assessments of your own capabilities and limitations will have disastrous consequences for you !

Your real world training must encompass elements of reaction; suddenness and tactical judgment as you will most likely be attacked when conditions are most favorable to the criminal !

Your dojo 'time' , I don't care where you get it ; will never encompass tactical and mental conditioning skills ! You should seek out the better national lethal force schools around the country as an adjunct to your MA training to inculcate such life saving skills ! But most of you are brainwashed into thinking they are not necessary and will continue in comfortable self deception !

Van Canna

 Post subject: DELUSIVE STATES
PostPosted: Fri Apr 30, 1999 6:21 am 

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Van Sensei:

"No one is invincible, and therefore no man can full understand that that which would make him invincible. Even with complete and thorough study there is always the possibility of defeat."

Musashi's opening paragraph in my edition of the Book of Five Rings.

If this great warrior eshewed denial so should we!

I think this realistic attitude encourages greater study, harder training and extra preparation, such as the many ideas you have espoused on this forum.

Never rest or get satisfied, none of us are ever invincible. Most, sadly, are trapped in the dojo cocoon - I know, I've been there and keep trying to return!

Ah, but my inner gyroscope, my teachers, you and some forum buds won't let me! Argh! The denial game is so much easier on the body, mind and soul! Until reality shakes you.


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