ONE seeks A Teacher for the hard part of the soft

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ONE seeks A Teacher for the hard part of the soft

Postby Igor Prasnikar » Wed May 05, 1999 7:23 am

I had woken up again
at what my clock has shown to be 5 minutes before 2 O'clock in the morning.
Small particles of rain
where poundering the roof windows
of our small appartement.

I had woken up
because a thought entered my mind
on the very difference between expressions:
"The true nature of" (things) and
"The essence of" (teaching)
as I may have used my words incorrectly to label the unlabeled so far.

A flash of lightning appeared outside,
just after another thought entered my mind,
to become aware of the very difference between the first and the latter,

Than upon another flash of lightning
and thunder outside,
another thought entered my mind:


And upon third flash of lightning
and thunder that shattered
those very windows of ours,

Igor, 05.05.1999 at 02.04 A.M.(local time)

ONE is in urgent need
of the Teacher for the HARD part of the SOFT.
Please write to:

Closing remark:
Dear Mr.Van Canna
Although this forum is strictly devoted to
Self_Defense Realities, I could not help
myself not to post, some of my recent
poetry, as poetry never causes any damage.
Please forgive me.
Igor Prasnikar
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