Florida CCW Reciprocity

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Florida CCW Reciprocity

Postby Moe Mensale » Wed May 05, 1999 12:29 pm


I thought I would answer your query in a seperate post since the original is getting lengthy.

As reported in the article, "(Gov) Bush signed a law allowing out-of-state visitors to carry concealed weapons into Florida."

Exactly what this means I don't know. I can presume that it means if one has a valid non-Florida issued CCW permit then they will be allowed to carry concealed while in Florida.

Do you have to make prior arrangements? Do you have to "declare" at the "border?" Do you just carry and shut up? Don't know. However, I have asked Gun Owners of America for an interpretation of the new law and will pass it on to you as soon as possible.

As far as transporting a weapon into FL goes, I would, as others pointed out, never drive down here with a weapon. There are too many states between MA and FL with varying laws on transporting.

As far as flying is concerned, you would have to declare your weapon at the baggage check in Boston. As long as the weapon is in a LOCKED container and is checked in (not carry on) baggage, you can transport it by airplane. However, be aware that the airline will tag the gun container with a special tag, usually red or orange, so that it is very visable (and a possible target for theft). You can mitigate this by having them tag the locked gun container which is then placed inside your checked in baggage, which is NOT required to have the identifying tag on IT.

BTW, is your golf game THAT bad that you require backup on the golf course?

Moe Mensale
Moe Mensale
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Florida CCW Reciprocity

Postby gmattson » Wed May 05, 1999 1:22 pm

I was just curious Moe. I wouldn't like to see people drive to Florida with a gun in the car, based on Florida's new law. Certain states have very strict laws that could land an unsuspecting person in jail, and I believe, I'd have to drive through quite a few of them on my way to your fair state.

Looking forward to learning more about the law. Thanks for the update.

BTW... here in New England, we practice full contact golf with sharpened putters and exploding balls! Not a pretty sight! Image

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Florida CCW Reciprocity

Postby RACastanet » Thu May 06, 1999 2:24 am

Hi guys. I'm pretty fresh on transport laws. As far as transporting a handgun through various states, it is ok to do so if the gun is in a closed container, unloaded, and out of reach from the occupants. As long as you are passing through you are fine, even in DC or NYC. This is a federal ruling. However, I would not want to be pulled over and searched in either of those places.

Down this way there is more tolerance. NC does not recipricate with VA but they are an open carry state. If not locked in the trunk, put the loaded gun in plain sight on the dashboard. I do not know about SC but GA is pretty open minded as well.

I'd take along my out of state gun that I'd not miss if it were confiscated.

You are allowed to have a handgun in any room you rent, hotel etc. be it in NJ, MD etc. even if you are not alllowed to carry.

The laws really are confusing but you can get good info on the NRA website.

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Florida CCW Reciprocity

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue May 11, 1999 6:53 pm

GEM SEnsei, Rich Moe:

Generally one of the things I wish most is reciprocity of all permits issued.

We are always stuck with the comparison with driver's licenses, but MLTC's are not honored elsewhere.

CAll Tallahasee and see if you can send a copy of your license to them and resolve the matter in advance.

Be back shortly.


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Florida CCW Reciprocity

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue May 11, 1999 7:05 pm


Call Florida DEpartment of State.


They require a concealed carry permit. They will not honor Mass. permits until they find out Mass will honor theirs (don't hold your breath)

I have oredered two application packages.

Takes 4 months. You will need a training certification.

I will call you personally on this.


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