So where is your head at?

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So where is your head at?

Postby Moe Mensale » Sun May 09, 1999 8:04 pm

Saturday morning, an 84 year old woman was the victim of a purse snatching in front of the restaurant where she and her husband had just finished breakfast.

The cretin, with his prize, jumped into a waiting car with two other scum suckers and blazed out of the parking lot, screamed across a very heavily traveled main road to make a u-turn, and disappeared into the traffic on I-95 at a high rate of speed.

A typical Saturday morning in the land of perpetual green lawns and overpriced homes? Unfortunately it wasn't. You see, the little old lady decided to stop the muggers by standing in front of their car but the cretins ran down the 84 year old lady and dragged her under their car for over 2,000 feet before her dismembered and mutilated body fell free just before the highway on-ramp. Her husband just watched in horror as there was nothing he, or anyone else, could do to prevent this disgusting tragedy.

The immediate area and roadways were closed off for over four hours while the police and medical examiners searched for evidence. The car and its occupants are still at large and police have very few clues to go on.

The area in question is a collection of up-scale restaurants, hotels and offices and borders on some very pricey residences.

The following is right out of the Sunday paper's article:

John (Doe), an owner of (the restaurant), said he was shocked a crime like this could take place in that area. "For this to happen in Boca is crazy," he said. "The fact that people would do something like this is crazy."

Wake up people! Why shouldn't the gangsta target up-scale areas in which to do his dirty work? Or average areas? Or old people? Or young people? Or poor people? Or rich people? Or.... Get the point?

The scum suckers don't care. They pick their target of opportunity, do their thing, and are off to the next "appointment." Anyone, anyplace, anytime.

A couple of points brought out by this horrific murder that have been discussed on this forum before:

DENIAL - read the quote above again. What do you mean it can't happen here? Why is it so crazy?

OBSERVATION - (OODA #1) it was probably due to age but these people were living in Condition White when Yellow was the more appropriate level. Stop looking at the world through rose colored glasses.

DECISION - (OODA #3) the old lady decided to fight back by blocking the cretins' car which turned out to be the wrong decision.

RESPONSE(ACTION) - (OODA #4) unfortunately, the old lady chose the wrong response in this case and it cost her her life. Was the purse and its belongings worth the life of a human being? Obviously not, but her split second response cost her dearly.

So I'll repeat the subject heading again. Where is your head at? Is it buried under the sand or stuck up your ass in hopes that all that is wrong in this world will just pass you by and leave you alone? Fat chance.

Moe Mensale

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Moe Mensale
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So where is your head at?

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon May 10, 1999 1:06 am


The movie version of "The Untouchables" was historically instructive in part.

The "protection" racket in Chicago had gotten a bit out of hand.

You will recall that a grocery in the almost burbs wouldn't pay, so a racketeer left a bomb.

A little girl went up with the store.

Things were never the same for the racket after.

I would hope that things like this would make it difficult for the "gangstas" .

People should be screaming bloody murder.
Let them. Let them feel the shock. Don't let them get "jaded". Use emotion against this type of violence and center it on a proper target for a change.

The tactics are being used against "us".

Too bad for the Gangstas if they made a bad public relations move.


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So where is your head at?

Postby Moe Mensale » Thu May 13, 1999 5:37 am

An update....

Yesterday the cops arrested a 14 year old punk who admitted that he was the one who snatched the handbag. If the Grand Jury will allow it, he will be tried as an adult for the murder with no chance of payroll.

The cops have tips on the other two and arrests appear imminent.

BTW, the 14 year old was turned in by his mother.
Moe Mensale
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So where is your head at?

Postby Moe Mensale » Sat May 15, 1999 8:20 pm

And finally....

All three suspects have been caught and are awaiting Grand Jury indictment.

The lowly act of purse snatching (a 2nd degree misdemeanor in FL) is about to be raised to a 3rd degree felony and these three stalwart members of the community are going to reap the much harsher penalties for their atrocious act.
Moe Mensale
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