ground fighting

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ground fighting

Postby Joe Madonna » Thu May 20, 1999 1:33 am


I don't know if you remember me, but I am one of sensi Bethoney's students. I received my ni-dan in May of 1993. Since then I have been training on and off. The first time I heard of ground fighting was when UFC was on t.v. I overheard you and Bob discussing it. If I recall correctly, you sounded worried about Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Sensi Bethany had a different opinion. But I had to find out for myself because I had never seen anything like it. I found a school taught by Henzo Gracie's first cousin, Roberto Mia Last july. I know it was an excellent school because of the aura I felt when I first walked in. I was very confident in my fighting capabilities, or so I thought. I know for a fact that (except for a few) on the ground a purple belt in Jui-Jitsu would mop a dans ass up and down the matt. I found out the hard way!!! Im not putting down uechi-ryu . It is my first & only style.
But you have to keep your options open to new idies. Just like Mr. Campell (sorry if i spelled that wrong) If anyone
knows of Sensi Bethoneys school . Knows were not pussy's . I say this because
about 3 month ago i was training with
a purple belt & he broke my arm with an arm lock.I never got hurt like that in all my years of training .But instead
of it detouring me it showed how efective it was!!! He weighed 175 lbs & I weigh 255 lbs He played with me like a puppet!!!!!This week i recived
my blue belt. Whitch dont't mean crap.
Rank don't really matter . Being effective does . well its along road just like uechi- was but in the long
run It will be worth it. In dew time i
will be in the brockton do-jo incorporting what i learn.

p.s there not to good at stand up . thats
why they work a lot of take downs.

p.s.VANN yuor the man. chow


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ground fighting

Postby Joe Bellone » Thu May 20, 1999 1:48 pm

Hey Joe,

Congratulations on your blue belt. I was there working out Tuesday night. I was rolling with Roberto when you and Mark B. came in.

I think what's important is your ability to defend yourself in the different ranges of fighting. You're correct, we spend a lot of time on the mat and work throws. You haven't been to the friday Vale Tudo class. You might find that refreshing as you'll be able to punch and kick while working the takedown and submission. It's pretty fun. You'll impress those guys with your Uechi skills. No doubt you can kick and punch like a mule. You can go to that class now that you're a blue belt. Talk to Pat if you're interested.

Kenny's skill is very good. He felt bad about popping your arm. Frustrating when a guy completely controls you on the ground, isn't it? It's wild. But keep it in perspective, when those guys went to fight in the Pan Am's it was a very enlightening experience for them.

Next time your at the Academy let's roll and do some training.

See you on the mat dude.

"Macaco fino"
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ground fighting

Postby Van Canna » Thu May 20, 1999 7:39 pm

Hi Joe ,

Welcome to my forum ! I remember you well ; strong and determined !

And now smart in cross training with Gracie-jutsu ! It is well known that A Gracie trained fighter will toy with most martial artists , who still persist in the delusion that under true combat conditions they can drop an opponent with a single blow when he rushes in to achieve the grapple { Real fighting by Peyton Quinn}

Also it is Hilarious how the striking arts people i.e., karate etc. convince themselves that they won't be taken to the ground . { Quinn} Wait until some of our tough Uechi fighters come up against our Josh Wiseman this weekend at the Uechi Tourney !

Stay in touch and good luck ! You have made the right choice !

Van Canna

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