My First Pistol Tournament

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My First Pistol Tournament

Postby RACastanet » Mon May 24, 1999 2:27 am

Well, I could not make it to Massachusetts for the Uechi Tournament this weekend. However, Glock was in Richmond for their annual Regional Tournament, and I decided to give it a try.

Jim Cirillo, of NYPD gunfighting fame, endorses tournaments as one way to practice firing under pressure. He is right. Up against the clock, in strange surroundings, many people looking on, with targets at multiple distances actually gave me 'butterflies' in my stomach - a mild chemical coctail I suppose.

Adding to the excitement is gunfire all around, and a range controller holding a loud buzzer to your ear protection to sound time limits. Multiple strings of fire were required so reloading was also done under pressure.

The Glock performed well. I performed beyond my expectaions and hit every target on all three stages, some with targets at 28 yards.

I was competitor #268. Some participants carried three different Glock's and ran the course with each gun so there was plenty of competition.

Results will not be available for several months due to the huge turnout. In any event, I have learned quite a bit in one day, and will certainly do much better next time.

Any thoughts out there?

Regards, Rich
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My First Pistol Tournament

Postby Van Canna » Mon May 24, 1999 5:06 am

Rich ,

Good for you ! Glock tourneys are lots of fun and teach some very basic skills in manual of arms ! But the premier course you should be 'shooting for ' is LFI - I from Lethal force institute , by Mas Ayoob ! He teaches that 5 day course all over the country ; contact him /LFI for dates in your area ! Then you will see and hear and do things most people with a gun cannot even imagine !

Regards ,

Van Canna
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