Final moments

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Final moments

Postby Van Canna » Thu Feb 10, 2011 5:23 am

From Jim Prouty ... ife-unfold

My comment:

"Sad indeed. I investigated a fraud case many years ago involving a staged ATV accident and there was an issue with the guy's helmet.

I interviewed a PhD from UCLA that told me that sometimes depending upon the type of head gear;He mentioned fight head gear specifically, when hit, the head gear increases the circumference of your head and actually causes more damage to the brain bouncing within the skull and the results are often not good.

Add puffy, soft gloves and the actual power, even for an amateur fighter increases the force by displacement of the head gear's mass.

The only thing that the head gear is good for is if you are knocked down it 'may' prevent you from striking your head on the ground.

I have been a martial arts teacher for 39 years and have had more injuries with the head gear than has to protect their trainees and take charge of the recruit that is injured.

I see more liability with the urgent care center that released him to return to training b/c it gave the instructors a false sense of security-he was cleared by the docs.- he is OK to train. Lot of mistakes all around, and a very sad outcome. May St. Michael, the Archangel watch over him now." JP
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