The “Negative 5”

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The “Negative 5”

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Train to Transition Through the “Negative 5”

There are certain variables at the onset of any armed confrontation that potentially impede your chances of winning. SARK’s senior active-shooter specialist SGM Nir Maman calls these the Negative 5:

• Time — How fast can you identify the situation you’re in and focus on the threat?
• Availability — Do you have the right weapon for the job, even if you’re off-duty?
• Mental State — Are you psychologically in the right frame of mind?
• Environment — Are you flexible enough to adapt seamlessly to unknowns in your surroundings?
• Enemy — Are you skillful enough to prevail, whatever your assailant’s unknown capabilities?

In the absence of pure luck blessing you, these are “pre-deployment” factors you must “rapidly and aggressively transition through” in order to then deliver an effective response to threats, Ghannam teaches. And in training, he says, these elements need to be the predominate undergirdings in preparing officers to be successful gunfighters.

“These factors are harder to quantify than marksmanship skills,” he says. “But just because they’re not easy to measure doesn’t mean they’re of less benefit. In fact, they’re at the very core of getting prepared to effectively engage the unpredictable challenges of the street.”
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