Flaccid Paralysis

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Flaccid Paralysis

Postby Van Canna » Fri May 06, 2011 4:49 am

By John Farnam

When children are used as hostages/shields:

Statistics from the Center for Missing and Exploited Children indicate that, when children are snatched by strangers, most are murdered within four hours. Within twenty-four hours, nearly all are dead!

Thus, chances of police rescuing kidnaped children alive, once they are separated from their parents, are low. The upshot of this grim reality is that we all need to train, with both our pistols and rifles, to shoot hostage-takers through the brain-stem, at relatively close range, as they are attempting to kidnap children or use them as shields in order to facilitate escape.

This is a task for armed parents, teachers, and professional bodyguards, as police, no matter how responsive, will likely not be in a position to stop the abduction. I've decided to include this drill in nearly all our Courses, both Pistol and Urban Rifle, due to the foregoing sobering statistic.

None of us can afford to allow a VCA to forcefully leave our presence with one of our children under his control. We need to be willing to take great risks in order to prevent that from happening.

When aggressively engaging hostage-takers with gunfire, we no longer use the term "head-shot." We've substituted "brain-stem shot," because it does not suffice to merely hit any part of the suspect's cranium.

The medical condition we need to instantly create in the suspect is "flaccid paralysis."

A high-speed missile, passing through his brain-stem, will reliably accomplish this. Few other targets will! Flaccid paralysis describes a condition where the suspect instantly de-animates.

There is no convulsion, voluntary nor otherwise. The suspect replicates a puppet whose strings have all been cut at the same instant.

The definitive brain-stem shot is the most reliable way of successfully rescuing hostages and kidnap victims. In most cases, it is the only way! It needs to be a integral part of every Operator's repertoire.
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