The lock down

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The lock down

Postby Van Canna » Fri May 13, 2011 4:15 am

I am a fan of John Farnam, former combat Marine, police officer, owner of Defense training International, and Lethal force instructor traveling the world for police seminars.

Jim Maloney and I trained under him and he he is indeed something special.

As a police officer he had to unfortunately stop 7 men with his pistol, and when he teaches you will sense something out of him difficult to put into words but encoding into your subconscious forever.

The lock down
We all need to understand one thing: In most cases where modern VCAs are involved, all hostages are dead! It is unlikely any will be rescued by outside forces. Becoming a hostage needs to be avoided at all costs, as you're probably going to die anyway when you become one!

"Lock-downs" are currently in vogue, at least in American schools. The strategy is not popular in other countries, and for good reason! It is nearly impossible to find and example of a child being shot as he or she runs away from the source of danger, in any direction. It is far more common for children to be shot as they cringe in place, helpless and motionless.

During the Mumbai event, two couples on the dance floor of the Taj Mahal Hotel tried to run away from gun-wielding terrorists. A terrorist commanded them all to stop. One couple obeyed and simultaneously raised their hands in surrender. The other couple kept running. The couple that kept running, got away. The couple that stopped and surrendered were both shot to death seconds later, as they turned around!

When you're armed, of course, you'll have options the unarmed won't, but, either way, my advice is to exit the area at the first sign of danger.

When you perceive gunshots, people screaming, explosions and flying debris, fire, and mass confusion, don't let curiosity kill you!

Exit quietly when you can, but run away as fast as you are able when necessary. When possible, run in a zig-zag pattern. When those with you hesitate, leave them behind.

Terrorists might shoot at you as you're running away, and they might be successful, but they'll likely be a lot more successful when you're standing still!

A single person running away is not a high priority for most terrorists, particularly when there are plenty of other, easy potential hostages who are handily accessible, paralyzed, and motionless.

Any time you find yourself in an institutional setting, such as an office building, work place, or school, and you hear someone, anyone, saying, "Stay where you are and remain calm," ignore them and exit without delay. They' re saying it for their benefit, not yours! Get out immediately, as fast as you can, any way you can, anywhere you can, pushing others aside when necessary, breaking windows/doors when necessary, ignoring "orders," when necessary.

Terrorists may have a detailed plan, and they may not. Either way, they' re weakest and most disorganized at the beginning. Your chances for successful escape diminish significantly with every second you hesitate.

Whatever happens, the incident will not have a happy ending! Always have an exit/escape plan, be in constant motion, and don't become a hostage! Insure that other family members with you are cued-in, and all on the same page.

You won't get a chance to "do it over!"
_ Farnam
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Re: The lock down

Postby Van Canna » Fri May 13, 2011 4:25 am

Fugitives from Death!

... right here in River City!

This from a friend and student in CO:

"Just one week ago, I was casually seated at a table near the bar, with my date, at a local, upscale restaurant, when I felt (more than heard) a jarring, concessive blast, coming from behind me. It was close! The blast was immediately followed by screams and commotion.

I was pretty sure it was a gunshot, but, with my ears still ringing, I did not even turn to look. Per my training, I just put my arm around my date's waist and quickly pushed her past a paralyzed gaggle of people standing in front of us, into the main part of the restaurant, then through the kitchen, and ultimately out the back door.

During our hasty exit, I heard two more shots, along with more screaming. Only when there were several layers of brick between us and the excitement, did we pause.

Astonishingly, no one else followed behind us! I fully expected that we would be at the head of a flood of other frightened patrons. Not so!

Instead, we walked briskly past dozens of catatonic diners, who were grotesquely looking up with blank, quizzical expressions on their faces. I didn' t see one even stand up!

An ashen-faced waitress finally ran out behind us. She related that a bar-patron, without a word, had precipitously produced a 38Spl snubby revolver and immediately fired a single shot at the bartender, who saved himself by diving out of the way!

He then fired a second shot, again at the bartender. That shot missed also. After a brief pause, the shooter placed the pistol to his own head and simultaneously fired a third shot. He was DRT. No one else was hurt.

We learned those details the following day.

Two other couples eventually came out the back door. All remaining restaurant and bar patrons stayed in the restaurant, most still in their seats, during the whole event.

When police arrived, nearly all were still there, having never moved!"

Comment: When you've never thought about emergency exits, never even thought about emergencies, when you don't have a plan, it is unlikely you'll act decisively when you need to.

Any time you enter a restaurant, or any building, scout-out eligible exits, objects that can be used for cover, and escape routes. Have a plan for getting out of there quickly, or fighting it out from a strong position when necessary.

In light of yesterday's crucial historical events, Mumbai-style attacks are now more likely than ever before, anywhere they can be organized and carried off.

All of us need to immediately reassess our security routines and remain ever-prepared (including going armed), and ever-vigilant for the next "big events," whatever form they may take.

Many, probably most, will remain clueless (by choice), like the restaurant patrons described above. That is their personal option, and they'll have to accept logical consequences of their own foolishness.

Don't be one of them, and don't hang-out with them!

"We are all in a race for dear life. That is to say, we are fugitives from death."

Theodor Reik

... and only temporary ones at that!

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Re: The lock down

Postby Van Canna » Fri May 13, 2011 5:03 am

As we train beginning students in the Art of keeping and bearing arms for serious purposes, usually for the first time in their lives, I frequently need to be reminded that the philosophical overlay is more important than actual psycho-motor skills.

The act of bearing arms requires of the bearer a genuine, individual commitment to personal responsibility, personal righteousness, personal self-control, and personal nobility, virtues seldom emphasized in our glib culture, often devoted only to shallow self-indulgence and self-consumption.

The experience is similar to going to boot camp, where all the whinny, juvenile, selfish, childish nonsense swimming around in your head is progressively slapped out of you; where you learn to take your responsibility to yourself, your nation, and your family's name seriously!

Bearing arms is similar to having an advanced degree in a deadly martial art. You're safer in the company of a martial arts master than in that of naive grasseater who couldn't beat his way out of a paper bag.

The master has the ability to cripple and/or kill an attacker, nearly without effort, but mature judgement and a firm, moral foundation stays his swift hand.

Naive grasseaters are dupes of the false doctrine of "learned helplessness," now considered a virtue in many segments of our upside-down culture, particularly by autocratic politicians seeking support from these shallow, defenseless, dependant, perpetual victims.

Grasseaters will not stand and fight! But, inside most is a warrior trying to get out. Our job is to bring him forth, while we still can!
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