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Postby Van Canna » Sat May 29, 1999 7:55 pm

A fateful process is set in motion when the individual is free to justify his existence by his own efforts ! The striving of proving self worth has created all that is great in literature ,art, music, science and technology !

We acquire a sense of worth in many ways , but belief in a cause along self realization is the most difficult . The trek spawns action as the high road to confidence and self esteem !

The individual is stable only so long as he is possessed of self esteem , which requires constant maintenance taxing the individual's power and inner resources ! We have to prove our worth and justify our existence anew every day !

When , for whatever reason , self esteem lags , the individual becomes a highly explosive emotional entity and plunges into the pursuit of pride -the explosive substitute for self esteem creating social disturbances and upheavals !

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Postby paul giella » Sun May 30, 1999 12:33 pm

Self-esteem comes from two sources. One you have little control over, the other alot. The basis and foundation of self-esteem is set in the early years of life, when we are dependent upon our parents for love and nurturance. Those of us lucky enough to have stable and loving parents develop an inner sense of being worthwhile and worhty of love, and therefor able to be loving adults ourselves. But this is just the foundation, not sufficient in itself to maintain self-esteem in later life. The second source, and the one we can do something about, comes from how we live our lives as adults.You cannot maintain a true sense of self-esteem if you are not living true to your values. A person who is selfish or dishonest or exploitative or grossly lazy and unproductive has no reason to feel good or proud of himself (no matter how well loved he might have been as a child). The luckiest among us have both elements in place: a background of good love and support during the developmental years and a present lifestyle which actively promotes and nurtures self-esteem by good fellowship. Those of us who were not lucky enough to have the good start can still make up for a lot of it by conscientiously practicing the 'second phase'. Maybe there will always be vulnerability there (to depression, in particular)but the regular practice of the 'good life' goes a very long way toward overcoming the original injury. Buddhism, as a philosphy of life, teaches that good living comes from following the "eightfold path"; basically, living in accord with the social virtues. In my work as a psychologist who specializes in teating depressed and anxious adults, I have seen this principle have good effect over and over again.
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