Stop a fight before it starts- from aspect of CCW

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Stop a fight before it starts- from aspect of CCW

Postby hthom » Tue Apr 29, 2014 12:32 am ... .html%20(3)

Van will like the comment on "get off the X" once the gun is pulled, no different from regular fighting.

Although the video did not mention it, you will need proofs that you were the good guy if action is inevitable. Therefore the yelling to stop shown in the video would also attract witnesses and get on the security camera(s) if any. As a matter of fact, whether it is a fist fight or gun shooting, make as much scene as possible to the witnesses before any action started that you attempted to de-escalate, that you had no intention to do him any harm. It may just help you a lot in the aftermath if the thug/punk/bg is injured or killed, but must remember though, you will still be in trouble regardless.

Why? Because life is unfair.

So, it is best just swallow your pride and walk away if at all possible. Your life is much more valuable than any of those punks. Let someone else teach him a lesson. Can't be that long of a wait.
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