Your Cell phone

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Your Cell phone

Postby Van Canna » Thu Jun 05, 2014 4:34 pm

My friend Chris Roberts reports:

The majority of people I teach feel they could call 911 without much trouble, even in a moment of high stress. In my experience teaching people, many can’t even remember the number 911 if they are in a high stress scenario such as a potential attack.

Most laugh at this, but a good way to show them is to have them stand at a distance of 10ft, 15ft, or even greater.

Now you are best to choose someone who is not aware of what you are going to ask them to do. Choose someone with a cell phone. Once they are up and at the correct distance, inform them of a scenario, such as you are about to attack them. Their goal is to dial 911 before you reach them, but because you don’t want them to really call 911 and cause a false alarm, tell them to just dial 91…!

You may even begin with some realistic verbal assault from that distance, and show them with your body language you are about to attack them.

Have someone yell, “NOW”. Rarely will that person even get out their phone and begin pressing buttons, or even get past the lock or swiping required on their phone.

We teach people to have 911 on speed dial, and even then, most could not successfully reach 911. If nothing else, it is a great drill to show the challenges of trying to perform a fine motor skill.

Many have the Emergency Call ability on their phone, but again, especially without warning, they would not likely be successful. Just knowing this challenge is of value to the client.
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Re: Your Cell phone

Postby Stryke » Fri Jun 06, 2014 11:49 am

But once utilising the ancient art of dialling the phone , help will often arrive within hours!!!..... :twisted:

If your under the dump so much you cant dial , I suspect you should probably only be considering using it as as a potential impact weapon.
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Re: Your Cell phone

Postby Chris McKaskell » Fri Jun 06, 2014 2:43 pm

Cognitive function and one's ability to communicate effectively are also highly affected by the adrenaline dump. Nothing new there.

A few times every year we work 9-1-1 call scenarios -- a trick I learned when I was certifying as a first aid instructor several years ago -- actually giving useful information to an emergency operator can be incredibly difficult under stress especially if one needs to determine location from blind!!

I agree with Marcus so we also work sprinting, which is just a skill like any other -- everyone talks about escaping a bad situation, but how many of us actually practice exploding away from an attacker(s) and sprinting 100 yards to safety??

love the idea of practising 911 calls -- good post
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Re: Your Cell phone

Postby Van Canna » Fri Jun 06, 2014 6:25 pm

Maybe the answer is to buy a voice activated dial phone.

And Marcus is right about 911 help arriving 'hours later' :lol:

But from a legal point of view...dial it anyway...if your fingers will let you...then do what you need to do to survive.

Then some prosecutor won't be able to attack you with 'Why did you not dial 911? "

There have been case where police officers under the dump forgot they had a back up snub-nose revolver on them.
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