Morals & Not so obvious things

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Morals & Not so obvious things

Postby Jason Bernard » Fri Jun 04, 1999 7:02 pm

The great Obi-Wan Kenobi once said "Luek, you will that a great many things depend on your point of view."

Sorry, I have Star Wars fever!

In "MORAL DILEMAS", Tony has said that we would kill the deranged man out of self preservation. This implies that given a chance to flee without fighting he would since this is the ultimate form of self-preservation (although some might argue that fleeing might wear on the soul).

First things first. Lets drop Tony as the named individual. This isn't meant to be personal, so lets not make it personal. Even when you talk about somebody personally in good nature things can get out of hand, so lets drop that here. NOTE: This is not about Tony!

So, lets say a person flees an encounter and lives are lost because of them fleeing. Does this make them a coward?

Some will say yes. Some will say no. But the truth is that both are right.

Lets say this person stays, fights and dies. We they brave? Of course, you say. What courage to put your life on the line for another. But wait, what about their wife, family and friends. What about the pain and suffering left behind by their arrogant pride of thinking they should get themselves killed over a MERE notion! The notion of honor! The notion of bravery!

It is like the question I posed many months ago. You are in a boat, trapped in a whirlpool which will shortly smash your craft and kill you. It is clear that escape is impossible since the whirlpool is too strong. What do you do? a) Stay in the boat until the end, calmly making your peace. b) Desperately paddle to escape, feeling that it is better to try than to do nothing. c) Jump from the boat into the whirlpool taking destiny into your own hands.

If these three people were in this boat together and each took their choosen path, each would feel the others were mad! But the fact is that a-types are simply people who will not struggle vainly against hopelessness but do see value in life itself. B-types must struggle until the end. C-types must have control over their lives, life without control is no life at all.

Sometimes the obvious isn't so obvious at all. Courage can be cowardice and vice versa. The goal hopefully for us all is to have understanding of all the shades of grey and stop focusing on the blacks and whites.

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Morals & Not so obvious things

Postby Allen M. » Fri Jun 04, 1999 8:36 pm

Some run because they are just plain chicken while others run after they evaluated then made the choice.

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