London Ontario Knife Defence Seminar went very well

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London Ontario Knife Defence Seminar went very well

Postby Rick Wilson » Wed Oct 25, 2017 2:30 pm

London Ontario Knife Defence Seminar went very well

Just got home from teaching a two-day knife defence seminar based on my book “Watch Out For The Pointy End.”

It was a small but fantastic group of martial artists all with a long time focus on self defence. Many had previously attended seminars with Rory Miller and Randy King which tells you they are looking for good counter assault material.

There were also a couple of very talented martial artists with solid training backgrounds who were also ranked in Modern Arnis and had other FMA training as well. Very nice to have people trained to use knives attend.

Happily, everyone enjoyed the seminar and found the material relevant and effective. It was also nice that they knew they didn’t have to take notes as all the material was in the book.

The first day was focused on working through the skill sets and laying the ground work for the principles used. We didn’t do any of the Operant Conditioning drills but even without those they were being far more successful at the end of the day with fast assassinations than I would have expected. You really need to work the Operant Conditioning before being very successful, so their level of success was a tribute to their previous martial training and practice.

The second day began with the last of the skill sets and then focus on working the Micro Moment Skill Set Training Drills and the Operant Conditioning Drills. The people did fantastic.

Having that second day also allowed me to show in practical detail why you must really focus on conditioning that first initial response to avoid the pointy end and be in the right position. From there you can continue with the technique from the book or move into your previous training if you choose to.

One of the great values I believe this approach has is that initial response to the assault. Because it is focused on one response it can be conditioned into a tactical habit. From there you can customize one of the four Survival Strategies (escape, propel and deploy weapon, disable or control) to your previous training or use what is in the book.

Just a wonderful two days with super people and of course being treated royally by my amazing hosts Chris and Michelle McKaskell.

Thank you, London and Chris for another great seminar.

Watch Out For The Pointy End
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Re: London Ontario Knife Defence Seminar went very well

Postby Van Canna » Wed Oct 25, 2017 5:53 pm

Good people all around.
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