In Search of Efficiency Part Twelve: Tendon Power

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In Search of Efficiency Part Twelve: Tendon Power

Postby Rick Wilson » Fri Dec 29, 2017 1:19 am

In Search of Efficiency Part Twelve: Tendon Power

Not sure tendon power is the correct term here because the entire body has some “spring” to it although in very different extents; however, that is what I called it in my book "Watch Out For The Pointy End" so for now I’ll stay with it.

We have bone which can bend a little and spring back but as we get older less and less so and when we talk about bone we are not talking a lot of give.

We have tendons that anchor the muscle to the bone which can give a little but again not a lot.

We have ligaments that are suppler than tendons and have a little more spring but if worked improperly can be pulled out of shape and injured.

Muscles, you really can’t talk about elasticity of muscles without the fact they are connected to tendons and the connection between the two creates some elastic effect.

We have fascia which covers most parts of our inner body and runs throughout our body creating a network of elasticity.

The bottom-line is that we are an elastic structure built upon a not so elastic frame but a frame with some give thus we are in some fashion and to some extent a big ball of elasticity. If we work correctly we can make use of that quality as a principle in martial application.

To feel this elastic spring power, you need only stand in a neutral stance and come up on the balls of your feet. Now drop your weight onto one foot but “catch” it before your heel reaches the ground and “spring” back up. Work from side to side to fee this spring.

In martial application we can use this spring in a number of ways.

This spring can be used to absorb an in coming force and then spring to return it.

This spring can be used to move quickly.

This spring can be used when avoiding force to move absorb and then spring into your next action.

Spring is in all parts of our body, but we tend to feel it more in our legs but our arms, torso and the body used as a whole can be used to absorb and spring or compress and spring out of.

This Tendon Power or perhaps more correctly this Spring Power is an excellent addition to any martial application and power generation.

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