Bullet Ballistics and Stopping Ability

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Bullet Ballistics and Stopping Ability

Postby RACastanet » Mon Jun 21, 1999 12:14 am

Good information. I've got the 129gr Hydrashock .38 +p in the Ti, and the 230 gr .45 in the Glock. I'll try a box of the Cor-Bon soon. I've got 130gr Hydrashock for the .357 magnum as well, but since it is for my wife I'll keep the 129gr .38 +p in it.

I cannot find 158gr JHP in .38 +p. Triton stopped making it. CCI makes a 158gr FMJ +p which I have used for practice. Because of the short time in the barrel of the Ti, the really hot and light rounds strike low. The lowest was the 110gr Triton. I'll keep experimenting with the .38 and .357 until I find the ammo that the guns like best.

As for the Glock, it really likes the 230gr ammo, and for practice 230gr FMJ is widely available and relatively affordable.

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