Semi-auto Vs. Revolver

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Semi-auto Vs. Revolver

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Thu Jun 24, 1999 2:07 am

Hellos All:

I am purchasing another Walther for my wife this week.

(she doesn't know it yet) She had better get her permit sit. in order.

Thanks for all the points.

The nice thing about the Walther is the test targets they send along.


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Semi-auto Vs. Revolver

Postby RACastanet » Thu Jun 24, 1999 2:18 am

Speaking of Glocks and other pistols, today in the mail I received the official results from Glock from last month's Glock tournament in Richmond, my first ever. I did not win anything but placed in the middle of a large pack (I was shooter #268).

Cause for excitement? I actually had a perfect 240pts out of 240 on one of the three courses. I did not fare nearly as well on the 'timed' course - 9 seconds for 10 shots at targets 7 to 28 yards away. It was a good experience and now I know what to work on for the next tournament.

Great fun.

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Semi-auto Vs. Revolver

Postby Moe Mensale » Sat Jun 26, 1999 4:06 am

Of course the BEST concealed carry rig for a Glock has to be Tommy Lee Jones' "Chicken Suit" outfit in US Marshalls!

"Will that be regular or extra crispy, piss head?"

Moe Mensale
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