Living in denial

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Living in denial

Postby Rick Wilson » Sun Jun 27, 1999 8:21 am

Living in denial. What a nice quiet place. I was nice and safe. Comfortable in the knowledge that Canada had far less gun incidents than the USA. In fact, so few here in Edmonton that there was nothing to be concerned about. Denial, a nice quiet safe (?) place.

While much has drug connection here is what is taking place in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada:

January 1, 1999: An 18 year old man was shot three times in the back and chest while he walked to his car near 118 Avenue and 40th Street. Police say the motive was revenge between rival outlaw motor cycle gangs.

March 4, 1999; A gun battle erupted between constable Dennis Montpetit 30, and a motorist during a routine traffic stop on St. Albert trail. A number of shots fired, including one .45 calibre slug that were deflected by Montpetit's pager. Michael Donald Dahl, 20, of Edmonton, was charged with attempted murder.

March 27, 199: Usman Pervez, 20 was shot in the face with a .45 calibre handgun at the Windmill Bar and Grill Restaurant. Leslie Cletus Raymond, 21 is charged with attempted murder and a number of other weapons offences. The shooting is alleged to be the result of a gang conflict in Mill Woods.

May 11, 1999: The home of an Edmonton family was fired upon for the second time in a week. Police said they were uncertain why a gunman shot up the home of Hoang Nguyen, other than to say it was not "a random act".

May 21, 1999: A shooting near downtown left a car near 97th Street and 112th Avenue riddled with small calibre bullet holes and slightly injured the 24 year old driver. Police said the motive was not known but it was not random.

June 12, 1999: A pair of town houses in Mill Woods public housing complex near 182nd Street and 86th Avenue were peppered with gunfire from a handgun and shotgun. A gar was also damaged in the attack. Eric Arthur Pemberton, 25, faces weapons, mischief and firearms charges. Police say the attack was not gang related.

June 20, 1999: a 15 year old boy was shot in the head and chest while riding in the passenger side of a car travelling on 107th Avenue. handgun fire came from another vehicle with Asian markings. Another 20 year old passenger was shot in the leg. police called it gang related, drive-by shooting.

(Interesting to note that the Police had, until now, claimed their was no gang problem in Edmonton.)

Last week the mother of a girl in my ten year old daughter's class was shot five times by her estranged husband.

(Speaking of denial, the little girl called 911 twice for help saying her mother had been shot and was told to quit playing pranks on a police line. She had to go to a neighbor to get an adult to call 911!!!!!)

While this may not seem like much to some, it had been just so darn quiet in denial.

Living quietly in the Mill Woods part of Edmonton,

Rick Wilson

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