Violent Crime Plummets in Richmond

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Violent Crime Plummets in Richmond

Postby RACastanet » Mon Jul 05, 1999 6:06 pm

To all: In the first full year of Richmond's new 'Project Exile' (using existing federal laws to prosecute criminals using handguns), the murder rate plunged 50%. Now, after the first 6 months of the second year, the murder rate has dropped another 20% and ALL violent crime has dropped. Also, Virginia just put into effect 'Virginia Exile' statewide, building on Richmond's success.

Law enforcement agencies are now visiting Richmond to see how it is done. The answer is simple: Prosecute relentlessly using EXISTING laws. No plea barganing. No Parole. Use a gun in a crime or be a felon caught with a gun and it is 5 years in the Federal Pen. And, the 5 years is added consecutively to any other sentance! The result is that the bad guys are no longer carrying their weapons around and arguments no longer escalate into shootouts.

Hmmm.... Prosecuting criminals. Enforcing existing laws. What a unique idea.

Oh, and by the way, since the inception of Virginia's relaxation of handgun permit issuance 5 years ago, not one person legally carrying a handgun has been convicted of a crime. That is ZERO out of hundreds of thousands. John Lott is right - More 'legal' guns, less crime.

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