What kind of bullet?

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What kind of bullet?

Postby gmattson » Tue Jul 13, 1999 12:23 am

I received this email. Perhaps someone on this forum can help out. gem

I am not a gun collector or even a hunter, but I keep finding these lead bullets (I Guess) in my backyard. Could you tell me what they came from by this description.

About 3/16 in diameter, and about 3/8 long (or about the size of a cigarette butt.) Flat on both ends and 3 groved ridges circling the bullet. I assume they are bullets because I have found several that are smashed as if they hit something.

Thanks Ron Richardson
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What kind of bullet?

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Tue Jul 13, 1999 1:06 am

GEm Sensei:

.38 Special "wadcutter" lead alloy target projectiles. They sound like 158 grain versions.

I don't think anything else fits the description.

The 3 circular grooves are to accept "lubricant" to prevent "barrel leading".

Their should also be some lateral marks from the pistols bore, normally 4 at about a 5-10 degree pitch.



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