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DR Knight wrote "As my magical world of fairy tales and silver spoons fades to
reveal an often shocking landscape of fractured psyches playing out
unpredictable battles against whatever demons inhabit their minds,
it just makes plain damn sense to be prepared."

Good lead in for understanding and visualizing the "face of the enemy"

Distinguished psychiatrist Karl Menninger said " we are all capable of criminal fantasies and thoughts "

Einstein and Freud explored the topic of human violence and Einstein concluded that " man has in him the need to hate and destroy "

Freud said " there are those who seek to unite and preserve and those who seek to destroy and kill "

In the gift of fear , De Becker writes that though we live in the space age , we still have stone -age minds !

But most of us do not trigger those stone age propensities , except for the " bad asses"!

There are real or imagined bad asses everywhere these days ! Animal Mac Young writes that we have to learn to "spot" certain types of patterns in people and categorize them so you can deal with them accordingly, some time by stealth and treachery to preempt their intent !

Usually the big blow hard is not a real tough guy ! By the need of having to advertise how tough he is you will immediately know he is an insecure pussy ! Usually you can take care of them by calling their bluff , shutting down their interview or by surprising them with the metal food tray a la Peyton Quinn !

Animal describes the real tough guy as one with an air of coiled tenseness about him ; he usually doesn't want trouble ; he is trouble , but usually nice and polite ! Most real life "hit men " I have met , fit that description !

I get a chuckle out of what animal writes next : " most "toughs" are dick-waggers." My dick is bigger than yours" seems to be their motto ! But they are basically fearful individuals who if do not constantly show how "tough" they are , fear someone may come along and beat the crap out of them ! This is what makes them aggressive and loud , they have something to prove to themselves and to their girl friends / wives !

Self defense is more that some dojo tradition ; you must study the face of potential enemies , categorize them in cluster personalities and visualize ways of dealing with them , never giving the advantage of a fair fight !


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