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Postby Sacco » Wed Aug 04, 1999 7:36 pm

As an aikijujitsu practitioner, I think it needs to be pointed out that traditionally there have been three levels to control of an opponent. These ranged from the extensive use of striking techniques to disturb the opponent's balance and then do a throw or control, to being able to instantly move into a throw or control based entirely on feel. The crux is that you need to work your way up through the levels, because if you are at the top and get in a jam, you can always return to breaking his nose as you pile his neck into the groung, but you can't rely on "harmonizing" and expect to adapt to changing circumstances.
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Postby Van Canna » Wed Aug 04, 1999 9:58 pm

Hi Sacco,

Thanks for joining our forum! Your input will be much appreciated.
You bring up some good points and I am sure you will receive lots of replies!

Due to the lenght of this thread, I am locking it but you and any respondents, please feel free to continue by opening " Dead simple part deux"


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