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Postby Van Canna » Mon Aug 02, 1999 4:48 am

Another great camp!

Great talent on display by various teachers, camaraderie, and friendship! Sifu` Rich Mooney, a very personable and talented individual!

Such pleasure to hug my dear friend and legendary karate-ka Bob Campbell, who in addition to some displays of awesome techniques entertained us with historical facts about the roots of our system not generally known! Pretty amazing story telling dinner at the Mezzaluna restaurant with J.D., Bob Bethoney, Al Wharton, Peter Blackman and I in attendance! An interesting closing comment by Campbell sensei was that good karate-ka do not shy away from politics, they master it, along the same way they attempt to master martial arts, politics being an integral component of the total picture! Bob was very adept at shining a mind beacon upon a Machiavellian path! Think of the book “Shogun”!

For the most part, all participants in brightness and smiling felicity, but for one or two with dislocated minds sneaking upon the sacred grounds with spasmodic noisemaking and a great aversion to intellectual labor! Always one or two every year, but that’s part of the entertainment!

Good sparring by the formidable Bob Spoon, David Moy, Gary Khoury and Roy Bedard! Thank you all for your friendship and convivial ways! Roy, I will contact you for that information we talked about!!

And then a man of powerful quiet demeanor; David Elkins sensei, a true gentleman apparent by his style of thought and speech! Strong practitioner with “stealing eyes”! Congratulations on your promotion to sandan, your performance was inspiring!

Likewise for a new found friend, Rick Wilson of Edmonton Canada! Thank you for your company, the interesting conversations, and for your gift of the tape!

My deep respects and heart felt congratulations to:

Art Rabesa, my good friend of so many years; your “ locomotive” power will forever distinguish you as one of the strongest 8th dans in the annals of Uechi-Ryu!

Peter Blackman of the Brockton dojo to Renshi! Not very far behind in ground shaking power performance!

Dr. Paul Giella of Shubukan to Renshi! Graceful power in stylish motion! It has been a privilege to have worked with you! Hope you make it back soon to the “torture chamber”!

Mike Ruscitto to Godan; crisp, graceful, powerful, determined, and precise! A good friend and legendary performer; a student of both Mattson sensei and Campbell sensei!

Last but not least, Carlos Ciriza from Argentina, a stylish, polished performer who originally trained under Myagi sensei!
Well-deserved Godan rank! Thank you for sharing so many memories! Hope to see you in Argentina soon!

This one Saturday night will live in your memory forever!

“ Remembrance is the only paradise out of which we cannot be driven away” {Richter}

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Postby david » Mon Aug 02, 1999 1:50 pm

I am still recovering from what proved to be another great camp! Image I second Van sensei's comments and want to thank him for his presence and involvement in the camp. We are truly fortunate in our style of Uechi-ryu to have such a great group of Senior-seniors -- Van Canna, Art Rabesa, Bob Bethony, Al Wharton, Clarence Wilder, Bob Campbell, Wingsong and others, who willingly give so much of themselves to those who followed with sincerity and dedication.

My other thoughts...

My gratefullness on seeing my friend and old instructor, Clarence W, up and around. My appreciation of Bob C. for having been my sensei, though I take it for granted a lot until I see the reaction of others to his amazing knowledge and skills.

Thanks, Mike Murphy, for showing the "formal" way for uke/tori. All my years and never learning that... Image Wes Taskers and Greg Postal, thanks also for sharing your beloved Shintai with us (and the first time ever in public) and working with this beginner on the finer points of edge and stick weapons.

My thanks for the care and healing hands of Pat (the accupunturist), Big Keith (in the store), Rich Mooney, and Margaret Chojin.

My respect and admiration for all those in the exhibition matches. Thanks to Gary K and Roy B for getting it together for the rest of us. Also thanks and respect to the Great referees. I especially want to acknowledge Steve Perry for his spirit, skills and tenacity. Steve forces the best from me. Faced with his intensity, the world reduced to nothing beyond him and me in a twenty square foot ring. Nothing else can exist but us and the MOMENT...

My congratulations to all the testees, but especially to my friend and dojo mate and fellow traveler, Mike Aceto. Also, my heartfelt congratulations to Paul Giella.

I also loved the opportunity to sit with the forumites and break bread. It's nice to share with you, more so with the opportunity to do so face to face. Hey, Rick W., thanks for another book on stretching. I need it!

I thank those who treated my training partners, Debbie and Siu, with such kindness and consideration, even THOUGH they are not Uechi practitioners. Image

Last but not least... Heartfelt thanks to GEM and Susan for putting the whole thing together. George Sensei is a living icon and represents for me the good that can come of martial arts practice.


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Postby chi2 » Mon Aug 02, 1999 3:44 pm


sorry for the intrusion...but by reading your postings it sounds like Davy from Brandeis in the 70' me when you get a chance (see profile)..been a long time since that uechi class....

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Postby david » Mon Aug 02, 1999 6:24 pm

Yikes!!! Totally remiss in not mentioning Jack Summers, Jim Thompson and Tracy Rose senseis. Tracy, my training partners loved the blue man thing! Image Siu evidently got knocked down. Good! As she admitted herself, she lost focus for a second. That's all it takes!

Hey, Chi Hum! It must be you. Not many folks know me by "davy" (thanks... for telling the world. Image ) Hope you getting bankers' pay and hours but not the fat banker's arse! Image Your email is missing. You can reach me at I think of you every so often. You should get back to training if you haven't. Talk to you soon.

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Postby gmattson » Mon Aug 02, 1999 8:06 pm

I'd like to add my thanks to everyone who participated in this year's camp. I won't try to mention everyone's name since I'd be afraid to miss someone.

The dan test was awesome. Most of the candidates were coached by Van sensei during the last year and the superb performance by the candidates demonstrated another level of excellence, not often seen in our art.

Saturday evening's tournament exhibited the best fighting I've ever had the privilege of witnessing. Many thanks to Ron Fagan and his team of officials who added a touch of professionism to Uechi-ryu tournament competition.

Thanks to all who supported the camp, especially to the other association members who elected to participate.

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Postby RACastanet » Mon Aug 02, 1999 10:05 pm

My best memory is once again the 15 minutes that I spent on Dr. Ann's table. I'm 6'2" again and my back, shoulder, neck...... feel great. Also thanks go to the healing hands of Rich Mooney and Steve Benson (two sessions each). There must be some way that I can have Blue Cross cover my camp costs with all of the healing that I experience there.

And yes, many thanks to all who shared their martial knowledge with me. If any of you ever visit Richmond I am extending an invitation to join me at the pistol/rifle range for some traditional American martial arts.

Regards, Rich
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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Aug 02, 1999 10:31 pm

Hello "Chestnut" San:

and Van Sensei, David, GEM Sensei (i'll skip further honorifics)JD, Mike, Bill, Gary, Evan, and everyone I got to meet face to face who I might inadvertently omit.

Excellent to meet you all and to work together.

It was bit awkward for awhile being nearly the only guy with (except for Jack) a "non conforming patch", but, since nobody noticed, I forgot.

There's a lesson there I suppose.


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Postby Allen M. » Mon Aug 02, 1999 10:39 pm

Sorry to say I had to cave-in the week before the camp and could not attend. This was the first year I've missed since I started attending, and it didn't feel right not going. I hope to feel better next year.
Allen M.


Postby mikemurphy » Tue Aug 03, 1999 2:07 am

To all,

I too, would like to add my many thanks to those who participated either in classes or as teachers to those of us who simply "need to know."

First of all, thanks to Sensei Mattson and Susan for hosting this event. It brings so many people together year after year who otherwise would never see each other. Plus, Sensei Mattson's morning class, which is always informative and puts my Sanchin into the "boy it *****" category for another year. I know he doesn't mean to, but it's worth it to me just to see how much work I need on sanchin :-)

Thank you (and I hope you are reading this) to Sensei James Thompson. Once again, you have added a dimension to my Uechi that I have never even imagined. My chest may never me the same :-) I hope you come back every year!!

Thanks to sensei Bob Campbell who once again showed me that all is not what it seems. As soon as I get my wind back, I'm going to check out how he hit me like that. :-) Thank too for the email address. I hope to be asking you many questions in the future. Please (like everyone else) feel free to visit and workout at my dojo any time you are in the neighborhood. Quincy is right up the street from Randolph!!

Lastly, thanks to all the others who I had the chance to interact with over the weekend. Sometimes, all you have to do is spark up a conversation at these things and you get a lesson on something.

Lastly (I promise), congratulations on everyone who tested on Saturday evening. Quite a display!

Yours in budo,

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Postby Evan Pantazi » Tue Aug 03, 1999 5:15 am

Canna Sensei et all in attendance at this year's Summer Camp,

It was great to see you again sir, as it was with all in attendance. The level of instruction was superb as was the whole camp. My congratulations to the fine Karateka that advanced in their testing, some beautiful performances!

It was also very interesting meeting face to face with the regular posters to these forums, (some big surprises here). And I already heard the plans for next year from Sensei Mattson...Do Not Miss It!

Evan Pantazi
Evan Pantazi
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Postby Jake Steinmann » Tue Aug 03, 1999 5:38 am

I really want to throw out a big thanks to Sensei Rose for taking the time to come down and dress up like "a smurf on steriods" so a bunch of us could futiley beat on him. It was a great experience (in a sort of masochistic way), and one that I'll not soon forget.

Beyond that, everything I could say has already been said by someone here. Thanks to everyone who came and either taught or learned. I'm looking forward to next year already.
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Postby Rick Wilson » Tue Aug 03, 1999 7:03 am

I will be posting some greater detail posts on Bill's forums, but I wanted to add a special thank you on this thread to David Moy for kindly going out of his way to get me to camp and back to the airport, and to Van Sensei for spending so much time talking to me one on one -- a great learning experience.

There are many other thank you's that I must give but they will be in the longer threads.

Rick Wilson


Postby David Elkins » Sat Aug 07, 1999 3:23 am

Hello all,

I just returned home and wanted to take a moment to thank Campbell, Canna, and Mattson Sensei for their work with me. I bring home fond memories and a ton of aspirations for my practice during the coming year.

Mostly I return home with renewed pride in being Uechi. I thank my seniors expressly for that.

Heat forges steel
Men forge men

Domo Arigato

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