Martial arts and height

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Martial arts and height

Postby Chetan » Wed Aug 11, 1999 7:20 pm

Hello there,

Is it true that because of martial arts training in early years (say upto 15), kids remain short?

All comments welcome.

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Martial arts and height

Postby Allen M. » Wed Aug 11, 1999 10:06 pm

Chris and Dennis have many hours of training since they were 4 and 6. Chris, now 18 is 6'1" while Dennis, just having turned 16 is 6'2".

[url="]"[/url] [1.5 year-old pix taken when those two were short.]

Could be the style. Maybe TKD in Korea kept their mom a little shorter.

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Allen M.

Martial arts and height

Postby david » Thu Aug 12, 1999 10:45 am

I started training when I was thirteen and 5' teen tall. I am now only 5'3" (0kay, okay... 5'2.5") So, it must be true!!!{hahaha}

Chetan, in all seriousness, alot of folks I know who started training young are now average height or taller. Alas... mine is case of genes and not dojo stuntitis.

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Martial arts and height

Postby Mike Hurney » Thu Aug 12, 1999 12:28 pm

David, That 5'2.5" hasn't inhibited your ability to headhunt effectively.
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