Selecting a weapon and ammo for your spouse

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Selecting a weapon and ammo for your spouse

Postby Moe Mensale » Sun Aug 15, 1999 7:59 pm


While "electronic ears" clearly have their place at the range by civilians or while clearing a building by the police, wouldn't their use for home defense give the defender a false sense of security that may prompt him to go looking for the intruder rather than maintaining a defendable position?

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Selecting a weapon and ammo for your spouse

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Mon Aug 16, 1999 12:30 am

Hello all:

Van Sansei:

At present my personal .45 is the SIG. It is a "decocker" and shoots well.

But I still can't get over my love affair with 1911's, and will probably end up with a match Version and a Standard Version From Kimber or Springfield at some point.

Colts seem a bit pricey for what you get, but I wish I had been able to keep the ones I had.

An unforseen matter:

My Wife isn't going to let ME choose her weapon, nor is she (as) likely to get a CCW "for all lawful purposes" under the new law from the local chief.

Do you think the new law will result in de facto discrimination against Women and minorities in the issuance of Permits?

I think it will.

In the meantime I am making due with 2 .380's in a safe room in a lock box.


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Selecting a weapon and ammo for your spouse

Postby Van Canna » Mon Aug 16, 1999 5:18 am


It could be, but people with guns will do stupid things regardless of the "muffs" unless properly trained in tactics! And even then they may do something foolish under stress! Lots of scenario based training is required, much like the Quinn concepts[unarmed],in order to put the mind "in order" somewhat when the primal brain insists on taking over!

The clubs I belong to, do year around IDPA style combat scenarios!

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