The Domino Effect

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The Domino Effect

Postby Allen M. » Thu Aug 19, 1999 3:34 am

<A HREF="http:// ... -0,00.html" TARGET=_blank> ... -0,00.html</A>

P.S. It is worth the trip to the above URL to see what's coming coming down the pike insofaras guns are concerned.

You may have to pass your mouse over this URL then copy it into the Address line of I.E., but for the concerned, it will be worth the extra effort.

Allen - [email]"></A> - <A HREF="[/email]

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The Domino Effect

Postby T Rose » Thu Aug 19, 1999 2:44 pm

So people who are law abiding were forced to register rifles. Gov't swears they won't use registration as a method of confiscation then turns around and using the legal power of the courts confiscates rifles they deemed as evil bases on cosmetics... Next they will say it is not cosmetic therefore under the same rulings all semi-autos should be banned.

Here in MA I have heard rumors that Class A permits (essentially a permit to carry semi autos concealed) are no longer going to be available to the general public. Is there any truth to this???

horrified in MA
T Rose
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