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Postby Van Canna » Sat Aug 28, 1999 3:27 am

J. T. ~ Tracy,

Given the harsh penalties for violations of the gun storage laws in Mass. {$500 to $5000 fine and or imprisonment up to one year}, it is imperative to be in compliance with the gunlocks law!

Question: Goal sells Mossberg cable locks at $4.00 each [usually $12.00]!
Are you familiar with this lock? How many guns in a cabinet side by side can you lock with one of these items?

Can they be used on handguns to prevent them from being fired?

Which inexpensive locks do you use or recommend for both rifles and pistols?

Van Canna
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Van Canna
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Postby JOHN THURSTON » Fri Sep 03, 1999 3:02 am


Sorry to miss your question.

My understanding of the law is that Locks are not required on weapons in safes or secured boxes.

My .380, for example, is in a quick combination lock box bolted to the floor.

So, I don't have any recommendations for "Locks".

I chose the alternative route. I will make a call re: my friend's (another dealer) recommendations and post them.

Personally, I don't like the idea of cable locks, and I am not sure of their compliance.

Unfortunately, I am interpreting the law to saw that every gun has to be trigger locked or in a "lock box".

I bought a Sharps Replica in 45-70(not as nice as yours VAn, but OK) today and stopped on the way home at Jiffy Lube.

My understanding is also that "long arms" can not be left unattended in a motor vehicle, so the other customers had to watch

"the strange dude with a gun case" (me) sit there for an hour.

The manager came out and asked me to put the weapon in the trunk, and I replied "sorry, I can't do that".

I will say everyone was most polite after this low keyed discussion.

Again, sorry to miss the question.

I check my forum 2 times a day (you should check the stats on the latest Gettysburg post) everyone elses every other day.

Somehow I missed your question.


I have only the abstract of the law and have spoken to the 2 relative state reps about the "unclear" drop test requirement.


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