Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby RACastanet » Tue Sep 14, 1999 1:01 am

My instructor in a local threat management course spent a lot of time on this topic last week. On the forums we mention this quite a bit. What is 'not prey'?

We discussed good examples of 'not prey' in nature. Yes, there are leopards, lions and others in the predator column and gazelles and zebras .... in the prey column. But there are many vegetarians and non predators that do not fall into the prey column.

Cape buffalo, elephants, hippos and similar animals are 'not prey'. The big cats rarely attack one of these types of animals. They are alert none-the-less (condition yellow) and defend themselves and their offspring viciously if provoked. Word gets around to the predators to find some easier prey.

How to be 'not prey'? Well, first, do not look like food to a predator. Look like food and you may be eaten. Walk tall, look around, project confidence. Do not walk around wearing headphones, talking on the phone, head down, reading or otherwise unaware. A predator's job requires that he notice these things. Oh, and stay away from known predator hangouts.

Any thoughts on this out there?

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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby Collin Warder » Tue Sep 14, 1999 3:47 am

Sure I do Image What you said holds true most of the time, but many of my encounters have been with egomaniacs looking to prove something. I am 6'3" 180 lbs. and I don't nescessarily "look" like a victim. The guys I am talking about seem to search out others who don't seem like victims at all. But of course, this is mostly relevant to "fight" situations and not so much to "self-preservation" situations.

Collin Warder
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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby genjumin » Tue Sep 14, 1999 5:23 am

Interesting topic, Rich=San,and interesting also is your take on this, Collin-San.

I usually am not approached.When approached, I am usually able to get approachers turned around.

I strive to be not-prey, have a generally non-threatening demeanor unless I need to have a threatening one,and in general follow the guidelines Rich-Sans TMC(threat management course) Instructor has set forth.

I like ths iinformation.Think we'll learn some new stuff here.

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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby Mike Hurney » Tue Sep 14, 1999 2:44 pm

I saw an interesting show over the weekend, maybe channel 1 the animal station. A tiger with an attitude had gotten loose on the set of some show. The trainer, as he was trying to catch/subdue the cat, kept yelling Don't make eye contact with her.
Is this where we differ from animals? Aren't we supposed to give the Uechi glare and put that cat on the run?
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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby Gary Santaniello » Tue Sep 14, 1999 7:05 pm


Sometimes by "glaring" back at someone it will actually esculate the situation. One should always be aware of potential danger and those around us who we sense or "feel" to be trouble.

Rich makes a good point, " walk tall, look around, project confidence". I agree that if you carry yourself in this manner you are less likely to be "preyed" upon. However, it is not 100 % all of the time.

On the streets of Brockton Ma. there are some who walk around "glaring" or staring down everyone as you walk or drive by them. Really! They are looking for trouble. By ignoring them, nodding at them, or giving a short acknowledgement of "how's it going"? or "hey, what's happening" usually throws them off whereas you are not "projecting" fear and at the same time you are not "calling them" out by simply glaring back.

When push comes to shove it may dictate a different mannor of handling the situation. "Glaring" down an opponent may be nessessary as you are ready to "fight" but if you glare at everyone who is a "potential" for confrontation, you may find yourself needing to back it up. In my opinion. Be "street smart"!

Gary S.
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Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby Shelly King » Wed Sep 15, 1999 12:19 am

Unfortunately, the animals you listed as "not prey" are very often hunted by humans for sport/food. That kind of puts them over on the "prey" side. Humans do have the distinct custom of being the only animal that actively hunts and kills its own kind for sport.

Is not the tiger the originator of the Uechi "glare"? In essence, isn't the tiger the master who first taught humans of its importance. I don't think any of us would be willing to try the "glare" on the masters who taught us. (I should say "you", I don't half much of a glare...yet)

Just some rambling thoughts...

Shelly King

Predator, Prey and... Not Prey

Postby JOHN THURSTON » Wed Sep 15, 1999 2:48 am


I think the topic might be better addressed by people who have to "live on the streets".

Gary appears to be on point.

My take is (also) that you should not walk about about slumed over, making yourself smaller and looking vulnerable etc.----nor, generally, should you try to stare down another "predator", triggering his or her territorial protection reflex.

(just made that up)

In other words, don't look like a pushover,or someone will push you over, as they see no threat, but at the same time, don't play eyeball to eyeball (unless in extremis and cornered already) .

Perhaps avoid challenging to someone looking for a fight or someone who might otherwise regard you with some degree of indifference as it appears (by not looking like prey) you are not a free lunch nor are you challenging the local dominant whatever.

Just thoughts, of course, I always try to defer to the guy whose been there and done that.



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