Left and Right Side Dominance

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Left and Right Side Dominance

Postby Collin Warder » Thu Sep 23, 1999 1:19 am

Unless you are perfectly ambidextrous, you have a domminant side. Throughout the course of my formal training, I have asked the following question. If one technique doesn't flow well on one side of my body, should I limit my practice on it and focuss on techniques that do work on that side? Of course the answer has always been no.

From a pure, reality-based self-defense perspective, the answer may be different. So if you practice 10 -15 some odd techniques regularly, to make reflexive self-defense actions(in addition to your normal training), is it ok that some of them are left or right side specific?

Should we not strive to make our techniques work best with the natural functions of our body? In my reality training, I work soley with open handed strikes. Why? Simple. In nearly every one of my "street" experiences, I have NATURALLY engaged the oponent with empty handed strikes, despite my general close fisted training.

With this in mind, what's your opinions? I know this isn't a very egalitarian approach, but does it make street sense?

Collin Warder
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