Performance Anxiety

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Performance Anxiety

Postby miked » Fri Sep 18, 1998 7:13 am


I had perviously posted regardng this topic but my message (and any replies) were obliterated by the forum gremlins and I never saw the responses. So here we go again.

I will be traveling to Okinawa in November (along with Sensei Kaend and other dojo mates), While there, I will be tested for Yondan. All of my previous tests have been in the US before US boards. I must admit that I am facing this test with trepidation. At night, my mind tells me that I am "nuts" to do this and my nightmarish fear is that I will have to contend with some insensate Okinawan intent on proving that all Americans are "worthless and weak".

During my rational moments I realize that a test is just a test (no matter who is conducting it and where it is held) and that, theoretically, every workout is, at a minimum, a mini-test.

So what is your advice to test candidates (like myself) re: performance anxiety.


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Performance Anxiety

Postby Van Canna » Sat Sep 19, 1998 3:22 am

Mike san ,


1] Don’t be trapped by beliefs without real foundation! You are not going To Okinawa to compare yourself to Okinawans ; comparison breeds fear and low self esteem! Your only ‘ competition ‘ at the test -- is with yourself !

2] Why is it ‘ nuts’ to go to the island to be tested ? It is really no different than the States except for the fact that you have brainwashed yourself to believe it is ! the board is made up of only men …remember that ..not really much different than their American counterpart ! Some better …some worse than the Americans !

3] Same for any Okinawan candidates you may be paired up with ! Chances are they will be wondering how they’ll stand up to the ‘big ..strong ..Americans ‘ ! This is the mental image you must cultivate and believe ! You would probably find yourself fighting much harder in the States against some very powerful and big and mean competitors !

4] You must harness , more than ever , dynamic imagination while working out and at rest …..the forming of very powerful mental images of the test with grim determination and resolute performance unstoppable in execution ! This is described as ‘creative imagination’ , which causes events to materialize for you , resolving in your favor !

5] Experts write that in order to program your subconscious …such as for this task need to verbalize positive commands into it ….you must do it with feeling and emotion [ they recommend listening to music while repeating commands to yourself ..intensifies brain vibrations to absorb more quickly ] ….and you must visualize pictures of the test on your mental screen seeing yourself as “the star of the show” ! See it in color , with you at the center in joyous fury , and your aspiration will became very real !

6] Rehearse these principles with your peers and use dominant thoughts while exploding your techniques inviting the ‘ pain ‘ challenge !

7] If you can project spirit and total commitment , and images of self confidence , the board will pick up on it and feel relieved into giving you respect !

8] Remember, it is all mind games at this point ! You will be amazed at the results if you make yourself be driven by these concepts ! Narrow your eyes in cold determination and go !You already have it !

Good luck ,

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Performance Anxiety

Postby miked » Sat Sep 19, 1998 5:09 am

Van Canna Sensei,

Domo Arigato!

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